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Connecting over coffee: a bespoke partnership with BrewHub

Jul 1, 2021

Whether you enjoy a long-mac topped up, a chocolatey cappuccino or a skinny flat white, connecting over coffee (or your choice of morning beverage!) quickly becomes a staple in many people’s busy schedules. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of the day or the 2pm slump in the afternoon, meeting other people in the kitchen for a drink is the perfect way to kickstart a conversation with others.


Within our community, many great collaborations have come from members connecting in our breakout areas. Laurence Escalante met Kevin Brown at a Spacecubed members breakfast, who then introduced Sam Brown, and for a number of years, it was just a small but dedicated team on the rollercoaster to build VGW, one of our early members who went on to conservatively be worth $3 billion dollars just nine years later. 


So if we flashback to 2019 when BrewHub General Manager Grant Butler reached out to the Spacecubed team to discuss a potential collaboration by offering BrewHub’s bespoke beverage experience for our community, it was an obvious choice for us to enhance our breakout areas!


With Fern, a partnership between Spacecubed and Mirvac due to open in 2020, we had the perfect opportunity for this premium feature to be added to the space. Now, in 2021, not only is Fern fit with BrewHub’s exquisite TopBrewer coffee tap, but it’s also home for the BrewHub team.


“Our busy BrewHubbers are often in the Perth CBD touching base with clients or meeting with new accounts, so it made sense to find a suitable, flexible base to work from and occasionally host meetings.” General Manager Grant Butler shared.


Fit on the ground floor at Fern amongst our modern open plan kitchen and contemporary lounge area, sits the sleek Top Brewer tap with countertop touch screen controls. In the several months since Fern opened, it has become a talking point for members gathering for a break and a chat in the kitchen.


Dicey Bergic, Spacecubed’s Operations Manager shared how great it is watching members gather around the TopBrewer tap and start up a conversation with someone new. “BrewHub provides us with everything we look for in a business partner, their thoughtful service and awareness during the planning stages at Fern was incredible. And there is no other coffee machine that comes even close to what we were looking for. The choice of TopBrewer means our members receive an incredible coffee experience, but also opportunities for collaboration, engagement and enjoyment.”


If you’re looking for a central location in the Perth CBD where you can connect, share ideas and meet new people, you’ll love coming to work at Fern. Book a free tour of the space today and get started in your new workspace tomorrow.