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Your Workspace Reimagined: Lessons Learnt from 2020

Lauren Quinn
Nov 30, 2020

Long gone are the days when you would simply show up to the office, get work done, go home and repeat. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, work was becoming increasingly collaborative, flexible and creative. With the rise in remote working, video conferencing and cloud computing, we’re no longer tied to a physical space to work.

However, while the increase in technology has allowed us to be better connected than ever before, individuals and teams still need places where they can come together, connect, build relationships, and develop their careers. And even more so, one of the biggest lessons learnt during 2020 was the intense need and desire for human interaction.

Piers Higgs, CEO at Gaia Resources and Spacecubed member, shared that during COVID-19 their staffing levels actually increased. “Our staffing levels went up during COVID, believe it or not. And even more so, the way in which we use our office has changed. Having a hybrid space with “hot desk” stations and collaboration spaces is our aim for the future, so that when we do come into the office, we can really connect with each other and work well.”

Even before the pandemic hit, according to the 2018 Modern Workplace Research Report, modern workforces across Australia were looking for agile working environments, effective spaces, eco-friendlier workplaces and wellness facilities. And while Australia is known as a country that fundamentally understands the importance of creating that work/life balance, these statistics from 2018 show that we’re long overdue to transition into a new generation of workplace experiences.

So, does this mean that the traditional corporate office is dead? Unlikely. But with the rise in coworking across the world continuing to increase, and the addition of corporate teams making the switch, it’s no wonder that flex working is becoming a more popular choice. With low overheads, no-lock in contracts, and the chance to adapt, grow and be flexible as your team changes, we’re starting to question why anyone would ever sign a long-term lease again.


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Don’t let 2021 be like 2020 - make the switch today.