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Working With Spacecubed to Disrupt Your Industry

Aug 24, 2018

“Coworking and collaborating has provided us with the support, network and facilities for our ideas to grow. This year, we held the biggest hackathon to be hosted in Perth, an exciting achievement for us, and a great step in being innovative,” said Mikey Kailis, from Unearthed.

The key question on the concept of innovation, isn’t who can be innovative, but how can you be innovative? At Spacecubed, with accelerators, incubators and hackathons constantly operating throughout the year, we provide the key support systems for intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups and corporate teams to;


Hackathons such as Unearthed focus on participants collaborating with others. Their ideas and solutions then become subject to validation; positively they are picked apart, tried and tested - and out of collaboration comes a prototype solution that can be presented to potential customers.


For the RAC Seedspark Programme, questioning the status quo isn’t negative, but necessary. By reaching out to the Spacecubed community with challenges, the programme requires collaboration with mentors, innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and managers alike. This is designed to provide outside ideas and thinking for RAC opportunities.

Be Agile

Rapidly adapt to changing markets and environments. The Vocus Upstart accelerator programme tests its startup teams to adapt under pressure and deliver well pitched, tested and needed innovations to their clients, customers and broader society under tight deadlines. “Adapting to markets and being customer centric is essential,” says Andrew Hall from the Founder Institute.

We’re constantly on the lookout to partner with innovators and businesses tackling some of the big social, environmental and economic challenges of our time. 

Join the City of PerthScitechCORE, RAC Seedspark, Vocus Upstart and Unearthed and partner with Spacecubed today here.