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WiTWA Presents; Turning ideas into Startups and Winning Awards!

Jun 7, 2019

We’re all told that starting your own business isn’t actually that hard. Simply do your research, write up a plan, and follow that plan. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, even if you have a bit more detail than the 3 broad steps listed above, it still takes something special to turn your great idea into an operational business. Join the WiTWA team on June 11, as they bring to you a panel of speakers that have not only chased their entrepreneurial dreams and created successful businesses, but have also grown their reputation and won industry recognised awards in their personal and organisational capacity.

The event is hosted by Women in Tech WA (WiTWA), a champion for diversity and equality for women in tech as well as those who identify outside of standard tech industries. With their 2019 theme of “If you can see her, you can be her!”, the WiTWA TechXchange brings you 4 incredible female startup leaders who will share their account of what it takes to go from that one great idea, to a new business that is also peer recognised. The panel will be led by Charlie Gunningham, from Accelerating Commercialisation and co-host of Startup West, and promises to be a great evening of insight and networking opportunities.

Charlie will be speaking with Dr Sofie De Meyer, the CEO and founder of MALDIID, a root nodule bacteria identification service for farmers and institutes. She has also been a recipient and finalist for numerous research, communication, entrepreneurship and commercialisation awards in the last 6 years. Joining Dr Sofie De Meyer, is Louise Daw, cofounder of MiPlan, a mentor for several startup businesses and in 2017, she was EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year for the Western Region.

In addition to the above women, Charlie will be joined by Beth Caniglia, Global Marketing Manager at VROC AI, and self-professed ‘word nerd’. The topic of this panel discussion is how to take your entrepreneurial idea and not just create a start-up, but create a thriving business that wins awards. All our panellists have either won awards in their own capacity/for their business, or helped other businesses win awards.

Following the panel discussion, Anne Furey, one of Australia’s leading Government Grant consultants, will talk about her experience at Grantsmart and as a judge for various awards. She will be providing tips on how you can win awards for yourself and your business.

Come down and hear some amazing local startup stories at the WiTWA TechXChange, and learn their tips to create your own award winning company. Click here to grab your ticket today, or follow Tracey Naidoo on LinkedIn here.

Date: 11 June 2019

Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Venue: FLUX Basement, 191 St Georges Terrace