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Where is your startup positioned in the Australian and Western Australian startup ecosystem?

Aug 24, 2018

Startup Muster 2016

For the last two years, Startup Muster has led the way in becoming the largest survey of Australian startups, and this year they aim to become the largest survey of startup supporters and founders across Australia.

Their aim is simple; to measure and publish the progress, challenges and opportunities in the Australian startup ecosystem, in order to demonstrate and accelerate the impact of startups on the economy.

Spending 6 months on survey design and stakeholder engagement, the survey will cover all facets of being an entrepreneur or a business within the ecosystem. This extensive approach means that Startup Muster is getting to understand the sentiments, behaviours and drivers of people in the ecosystem, along with understanding the businesses and how they operate.

Why should you submit your startup application and what’s the benefit for you?

By submitting an application and responding to the Startup Muster survey, you will receive real-time statistics of where you fall within the startup ecosystem. But why is this important?

This data will allow you to understand the support available in the specific stage in which you fall within the startup process, as well as knowing the limitations and potential areas of business you and your startup could fall into or pursue. There’s no one path on the road to a successfully developed startup, and by mapping your progress within the Startup Muster ecosystem, you will gain a holistic and objective view of which direction you and your startup should move.

The report is then published, and readily available and free for all to access.

Startup Muster 2016 will be collecting responses until August 1st and can be completed by Founders, potential Founders and Supporters.

Find out more here.

StartupWA's Startup Ecosystem Report Launch 2015/16

The announcement of Startup Muster’s latest survey is met this week by Perth’s newest coworking space holding its first public event, organised by StartupWA, the WA Startup Ecosystem Report 2015/16 launch.

After more than 3 months of intense research into the startup community in Western Australia, StartupWA are preparing to launch their final WA Startup Ecosystem Report 2015. The report will cover the Western Australian startup ecosystem from launching a new venture, to financing and growing a technology business.

StartupWA, the not-for-profit organisation promoting the growing technology startup sector in WA, will host the event at the new coworking space, FLUX at 191 St Georges Terrace on Monday 25th July 2016 from 5.30pm - 7.30pm.

Get your tickets here.