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Week 4 of B Corp Month: Celebrating The Bigger Picture

Aug 2, 2019

Spacecubed are always looking for ways to connect and collaborate with business across the globe, and celebrating B Corp month has helped us grow and work alongside a whole new range of companies focusing on building better business. 

The Certified B Corporation community does just that by embracing a better way of doing business. Through certification that shows their supply chains meet high social and environmental standards and that their operations benefit workers and community, B Corps are well-positioned to connect with consumers and create a stronger economy for all.

With more than 3,500 businesses, representing 60 different industries across Australia and New Zealand celebrating B Corp Month, we’re excited to stand alongside these global trends around business impact.  Andrew Davies, the executive director of B Lab Australia and New Zealand, discusses how B Corp Month is about building awareness of the movement and the positive impact purpose-driven businesses had on the community. “It is the B Corps themselves that are raising awareness through storytelling at their own events, whether it’s an open house or whether it’s just a social gathering to get people interested in what they’re doing.” Davies said.

So, this week, we’re shining a light on the bigger picture and sharing how Spacecubed and the B Corp community connects with consumers by redefining business success beyond the bottom line.

With local and national partners, Spacecubed are able to connect our members with new and innovative ways they can grow their businesses. From Stripe helping members activate their payments, to Amazon Web Services providing startups with easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business as well as HubSpot and Google for Startups providing low cost business solutions.

But it’s not just about offering discounted services that makes our community full of passionate innovators, we’re also dedicated to delivering a number of programs with a key focus on social impact. These programs prioritise gender diversity in the workplace, inclusion and empowerment through entrepreneurship. Our Social Impact strategy has three focus areas, enterprise education and experiential learning for youth, supporting regional innovation and enabling peer learning across regional communities and entrepreneurship research. 

We believe that being part of the B Corp community will accelerate and scale our impact to a global community, well beyond our footprint.

Thank you for celebrating B Corp month alongside us! If you wish to learn more about Spacecubed, our coworking packages or community events, please reach out to info@spacecubed.com today.