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Uncover the future of work at Spacecubed’s Australia-wide flexible work spaces on International Coworking Day

Jul 31, 2023

Today, entrepreneurs, startups and corporates are seeking innovative ways to thrive and grow. Coworking spaces are a modern solution that has revolutionised the traditional office set up. At Spacecubed, we understand the vital role coworking plays in fostering productivity, collaboration and overall business success.

With locations in Perth and Sydney, Spacecubed offers a vibrant and dynamic environment that empowers professionals to network, exchange ideas and unlock their true potential. Whether you’re an independent freelancer, a startup seeking scalability or an established enterprise looking to innovate, Spacecubed has something for everyone.

If you’re interested in experiencing the future of work, join us at any one of our locations in Perth or Sydney on August 9th as we celebrate International Coworking Day. This is the perfect opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a Spacecubed member, engage with likeminded professionals, explore the premium amenities, uncover our range of member benefits and learn more about our programs designed to grow your business.

Learn more about each of our Open Day spaces below.

Riff, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Riff is our first coworking space, having opened in 2012, and is a custom designed for startups, independent operators, small to medium sized companies to facilitate and support the growth of their business, connect them to networks and increase opportunities for idea generation and innovation (register to attend here).

Fern, 79 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Fern, located in the heart of Allendale Square, is designed with premium features and amenities that brings a new style of flexible working to Perth CBD. With breakout spaces, a hidden retreat, luxury tea and coffee, you’ll love working from Fern (register to attend here).

FLUX, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth
FLUX is one of our largest spaces in Perth, and focuses on engaging with the central business district. Whether you’re seeking a space to land during visits to the city, or a space to collaborate with other growing businesses, FLUX is the ultimate destination for business seeking a unique and seamless working experience (register to attend here).

Western Sydney Startup Hub, 5 Fleet Street, North Parramatta
Western Sydney Startup Hub is located in the heart of North Parramatta and features a modern interior with premium amenities. It is a comfortable and productive environment suitable for startups through to large corporate innovation teams (register to attend here).

Not available on the 9th to celebrate International Coworking Day with us? That’s okay! To explore our spaces and book a free tour at a time that suits you, click here.