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The WA Innovator of the Year Program 2015 Announces Semi-Finalists

Aug 24, 2018

Recognising that innovation is a critical part of any economy, the program is run by the Department of Commerce, and a valuable initiative providing support to innovators and entrepreneurs across our State. While turning ideas into a reality can be a long road, yesterday two Spacecubed members, Scancam, and Newton Labs were announced as finalists in the upcoming November awards ceremony.

Mitsubishi Corporation Emerging Innovation Category

Newton Laboratories Pty Ltd (Perth)Oversize rock detection: a vibration sensor device that is mounted on a mining truck to measure and process the signals from various vibrations to alert operators to stockpile oversize rocks to prevent crusher downtime and lost production.

Mitsubishi Corporation Growth Category Scancam Industries Pty Ltd (Perth)

SCANCAM – smart fuel security: a real-time integrated system incorporating high-resolution video and still cameras, facial and number plate recognition and police database reporting to prevent the fuel theft.

The program aims to deliver on four areas:

  • promote and acknowledge the success of Western Australian innovators;
  • encourage co-support from industry for promotional activities;The WA Innovator of the Year Program 2015
  • activate and strengthen industry-government research collaborations;
  • engage communities throughout Western Australian regions in innovation. 


Chair of the Advisory Committee, Professor Lyn Beazley said, “in Western Australia we’re very innovative people, we have unique challenges but we think outside the box. We need to capture all these great ideas and turn the ideas into a reality”.

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