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The rise of Tradable by Simon Hardy & Garrick Brown through Plus Eight Accelerator

Aug 10, 2023

Tradable is a platform for traders to create, test and share automated trading systems with the cryptocurrency community, to help remedy each of the retail investor stumbling blocks. Tradable co-founders, Simon Hardy and Garrick Brown were recently selected to be a part of Phase One of the 2023 Plus Eight Accelerator program. Below they share their business journey, and how the program is helping them scale their business to new heights.

During the 2017 cryptocurrency market cycle, we found ourselves investing in technology that we were scrambling to learn about at the same time.” The co-founders shared.

“Despite stepping into investing without any prior trading knowledge, we hit a sweet spot in the market and quickly returned our profits in early 2018. Having felt the heat, we decided it was time to educate ourselves in the realms of technical and fundamental analysis.” They continued.

Tradable was conceived in the pursuit of finding a platform to transform Garrick's trading strategy into an automated trading system. The pair realised that the no-code builders didn't have the complexity to transform the strategy into a trading bot, so instead of learning to code, they built what retail traders needed. This resulted in a no-code bot builder allowing advanced trading bots to be developed with ease.

“Tradable bridges a crucial gap, by offering a comprehensive trading platform where investors and traders can execute both manual and automated trades.” They shared. “We take pride in Tradable’s marketplace being transparent and presenting open reports for the benefit of users.”

Simon and Garrick believe that their platform's contemporary and intuitive design empowers individuals, irrespective of their age or training, to create fully automated trading systems.

When asked what makes Tradable stand out, they explained how their product provides 24/7 access to world class trading strategies at a price that is affordable relative to performance. It also means traders no longer need to watch the charts or worry if a market will shift against their position while they're sleeping.

“We're bringing financial empowerment without impacting their current lifestyle.” The pair shared.

After being chosen to be a part of Phase One the 2023 Plus Eight Accelerator program, Tradable has untapped access to exclusive opportunities that will help them take the first steps towards scaling their business globally.

“We’re thrilled to delve into the vast intellectual resources of the mentors, and expand their network, both nationally and globally.”

“The Plus Eight experience has been outstanding. We're privileged to access a remarkable network of mentors and affiliates, who have played a pivotal role in several key decisions we've taken recently."

Simon and Garrick also shared how the program has altered the language they use for their business, changing to emphasise what Tradable can do for the global citizens of the world, which is why they wanted to start the business in the first place.

If selected to continue into the final phase of the program, Tradable will receive a share in over $400,000 seed funding, attend an international immersion trip and pitch at the program's final Demo Night.

Tradable has just launched its beta and are currently looking for traders to try turning their trading strategies into trading bots.

“Once the platform launches later this year, these systems will be available for other Tradable users to subscribe to, allowing the bots to take care of their trades whilst they continue living their best life. A win for everyone involved!” They concluded.

The Plus Eight Accelerator program is one of Australia’s leading accelerator programs, helping local startups scale globally through seed funding, international immersions and world class mentoring. To learn more about the program, click here