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The Plus Eight 2022 Accelerator cohort is one to watch

Jun 1, 2022

From a sports science tech company specialising in isometric testing devices, to a med-tech startup that innovates future-focused sexual health products and technologies, the 2022 accelerator cohort is one of our most comprehensive to date.


With 10 companies selected, spanning medtech, education, beauty, sports science, cloud gaming and everything in between, these founders will join the 2022 accelerator program and take the first steps towards scaling their businesses. The cohort includes AGRA Farming Technologies, AntiBeauty, Arbela, Bobbleware Australia, Force Hooks, Three Little Pixels, Kinsey Global, OneBase, Paperly, and SportCentrAll.


To support them, we’re bringing together the best people, products and technology, including partner support from Capricorn Society and Visagio, as they join Woodside Energy, RAC BetterLabs, Hawaiian, Eastcourt, Jackson McDonald, DFK Gooding Partners, and Radium Capital as 2022 partners.


“It is so exciting to be in our first year of the Plus Eight program. I was really inspired by every founder we met at Bootcamp and their vision for how the world can be made better. I look forward to seeing the participants continuing to learn and grow their business by partnering with Plus Eight through the next phase.” Kim Radalj, Capricorn Society, General Manager, Innovation and Corporate Development.


“Through RAC’s BetterLabs Ventures, we’re thrilled to continue supporting such talented and enterprising local startups via the Plus Eight Accelerator Program. The volume and ambition of Western Australian startups continues to grow and BetterLabs is privileged to help facilitate that growth. 


Each year we partner with the Plus Eight program, we are exposed to an amazing cohort of founder-led WA start-ups and this year is no different.  The six startups who have made it into the final phase of the program reflect the health of a growing and thriving WA innovation ecosystem that BetterLabs is very happy to play an important part in.” James Edwards, RAC General Manager Strategic Innovation.


“I’m excited about the quality and diversity of this year’s cohort. The Plus Eight Accelerator in 2021 was a really valuable experience for Woodside and we’re thrilled to be supporting the Western Australian start-up ecosystem again this year. We are a WA-headquartered company with activities across the world, and the Plus Eight cohort is full of businesses with similar ambitions.” Rob Affleck, Innovation Manager at Woodside.


On the table for 2022 is access to a pool of up to $500,000 seed-funding, a specialised debt fund thanks to Radium Capital, an international immersion trip to discover new export markets in Singapore and access to key experts, innovators, investors and talent. It’s our biggest year yet, and a life changing opportunity for these selected founders.


“We’re excited to work with these founders and startup teams, as we support their growth in Australia, and beyond.” Chandra Sundareswaran, Spacecubed’s General Manager shared. “Since launching in 2017, the Plus Eight program has invested over $1.5M in startups, and facilitated an additional $12M in follow-on investment with a $101M portfolio valuation, making it a crucible for the Perth startup community, and one of a kind in Australia.”


Phase One of the Plus Eight 2022 Accelerator Program begins June 20, and we can’t wait to get started. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates on the cohort and their journey throughout the program.