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The lessons we learnt from COVID-19

Sep 29, 2020

With the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 causing individuals and businesses to adapt suddenly, we’re now left with new attitudes and practices that will remain in place well past the pandemic. In addition to working more remotely and taking services online, we’ve also noticed the impact and importance of human and social interaction. 

“At Spacecubed, being around our community is something we missed during lockdown! While we had access to each other online, there’s something comforting about grabbing a coffee in the kitchen with a coworker, and enjoying lunch with fellow members.” Marketing Coordinator, Lauren Quinn shared. “It’s really put into perspective all the amazing things about our community, and how we can share this story with others into the future.”

Chandra Sundareswaran, General Manager continued, “Building community is one of Spacecubed’s core values, so we had to make sure that the online environment would also allow this to happen. When we reshaped our programs, we created a new structure that allowed participants not only to learn and put in practice new content, but also to spark meaningful connections with their cohorts.”

That being said, the importance of community and social interaction wasn’t the only lesson learnt during the pandemic lockdown. Many businesses had to pivot their strategies and find new ways to deliver their products or services. For small business owners Tia and Jaye, members of Make Place (our coworking offices in Mandurah), their business model was heavily reliant on in-person markets before the pandemic hit. Now, they’ve built an online presence and are reaching an entirely new audience than before.

Chris Tan, Member Experience Coordinator shared that for him, the lessons learnt were to be flexible, focus, find opportunities to be busy, and give support when needed. “It was an amazing opportunity to give our space a refresh while members were not around and I could start thinking about when members returned what we would need to do in the space.” He continued. “I was still going out and commuting into the city everyday for work, so although my role within the company evolved with the work I was doing, my daily routine had really not changed all that much, so making the extra effort to ensure my team got any support that they needed was important as most were not leaving the house.”

With these changes in the way we work, business owners should be encouraged to not to fight the change, but to embrace these new times by investing in new technologies and adapting to the new management styles of employing remote workers.


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