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The Growth of Women in Business

May 3, 2019

We’re lucky to have some amazing women in our space, from Kristen Turnbull Director at CoreData WA, to Filipa Preston at CEO & Founder of Software Optimisation Services, and it’s great to be surrounded by women who are influencing the way businesses work. While discussing the growth of women in business, Perth based business coach, Lanna Hill tells us, “I’m really passionate about women getting their mindset right - I think a lot of the time we get stuck in our own way by holding ourselves back, or not chasing what we want in business - I know it’s a cliche but mindset really is everything.”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of Australian women in the startup space operating their own businesses has steadily increased over the past 20 years, but in line with other OECD countries, they remain “substantially under-represented as entrepreneurs”.

Founder of Perth{web}Girls, Kate Kirwin, discusses how we don't need to level the playing field, we need to create a whole new field, particularly for women in business. “I think there is so much opportunity for women at the moment and we are seeing fantastic results from women helping women at events like Perth{web}Girls."

One way to start is by taking a new approach to how women are seen in business and motivating women at schools and universities. By speaking about the importance of helping other women amplify, network and build businesses, young women can enter the workforce with the right mindset. Women have long operated in a business world they didn’t create, with many women feeling like outsiders in various industries, so it’s great to see a time in 2019 where their needs come first.

Chloë Constantinides, co-founder of Dapper Apps, Director at Startup WA and founder of KISANII, as well as mentor at Bloom and JustStart IT, has worked with a range of startups across Perth with the hope that she can share her passion with others. “If I can do anything to give someone else hope, inspire them to create, solve problems, encourage them to learn something new or drive their idea forward - that's a big win in my book.”

If 2019 has shown us anything, it’s that women who dream of becoming their own boss or paving their own way through ever-changing industries, have nothing to fear. Diversity in the startup industry allows for more skill, more talent and more experience to be explored as well as more opportunity for innovation, and if you ask us, that’s the most exciting part of all.

If you’re looking to get involved in a vibrant community that supports not only women in business, but all startup founders, business owners and entrepreneurs, please reach out and book a tour of our space today!