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The future is flexible, and your workspace should be too

Dec 16, 2020

With the number of coworking spaces worldwide expected to double by 2024, it is fair to say that collaborative environments are still on the rise. Prior to the pandemic, coworking spaces were the fastest growing type of office space and in a post-COVID world this isn’t likely to stop. 

Here at Spacecubed, our curated selection of coworking spaces across Perth, Mandurah and Yanchep allow both small and big businesses to work from an environment that encourages collaboration and gives them access to a vibrant community. They can access this all without the stress of owning their own office space, and the long-term leases and lock-in contracts that come with them. 

But, coworking isn’t just for startups and remote workers anymore. With global companies like Microsoft and Apple embracing coworking spaces, traditional office spaces are becoming a thing of the past, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

Speaking to Gaia Resources CEO, Piers Higgs, who homes one of our private offices at FLUX, 191 St Georges Terrace, he mentioned how previous to working at Spacecubed, there was a definite struggle in renting his own office space. Piers found issues arising in the hidden costs and constant change in terms and conditions that were not suitable to him, nor his Perth team at Gaia Resources. One of the key reasons Gaia Resources moved to Spacecubed was due to the fact that there were no hidden aspects. 

Piers also stated how Spacecubed provided his team with a completely different experience, with lots of support and a quick response time. “If we had a problem, we could talk to someone straight away, and not have to wait a day for an email to come back from an overseas owner.” He shared. Piers also drew focus to the fact that Gaia Resources has saved a substantial amount of money moving to FLUX, which was another great benefit of moving into a coworking space.

The flexibility of working in a coworking space is incomparable to your traditional office as it allows businesses to support their workers by providing them with an environment that is adaptable and able to change given certain situations. As the future changes, so should your workspace, and you should feel comfortable knowing you have that flexibility to continue to adapt.

When asked if he was to recommend Spacecubed, Piers replied, “It’s just become second nature for us to be here now. It makes sense, from a staff perspective and a financial perspective. It’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business.” 

Click here to discover more about why our members will never have a long-term lease again, and why they’re recommending flex workspaces as the workplace of the future. Or, book a free tour at one of our CBD spaces, and step into tomorrow, today.