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That’s a wrap on Perth Podcast Festival 2020!

Nov 26, 2020

As a week designed to celebrate WA’s thriving independent media and podcast community, Perth Podcast Festival is an annual event that covers hands-on masterclasses, live recordings, workshops, and much more. 

For 2020, we partnered with Murdoch University and Business News to reach a new crowd, including Murdoch University radio and broadcast students, and Business News’ reach towards a corporate crowd. With all events reaching capacity, it was amazing to see a full house every day and night as participants celebrated alongside one another while learning, networking and building new relationships.

“Perth Podcast Festival was incredible in 2019, which is why we bought it back for 2020 - but we made it bigger and better, and I imagine 2021 will be no different!” Lauren Quinn, Marketing Lead and Perth Podcast Festival co-creator shared. “It was great to meet some new people within the industry (in person, finally!), as well as have the chance to facilitate some of the conversations we’d seen demand for in the previous year.”



Out of the surveyed participants, 100% agreed that an event like Perth Podcast Festival encourages businesses and individuals in the Perth area to collaborate and create business opportunities, with an additional 100% sharing that they’d attend again in 2021.

“Through our activation of Murdoch’s CBD space, we’ve been creating and facilitating events to bring people together, and into the CBD, and Perth Podcast Festival was no exception to this.” Amilia Bakhtiar, Project Coordinator shared. “It was a great way to not only showcase our event space, but also to connect with a whole new audience.”

A big thank you to all of our panellists, workshop hosts and participants who joined us throughout the week, as well as to Murdoch University and Business News for their support as Festival Partners.

To find out more from our speakers, check out their social links below!

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