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TechTalks; Tech for Good - How to drive Impact at scale?

Sep 2, 2019

Coming to Spacecubed monthly, TechTalks brings together innovative individuals from across Perth to discuss the larger issues relating to the tech industry. This month, we’ll be joined by experts at Gaia Resources, Scitech and Uno Group to discuss ‘Tech for Good - How To Drive Impact at Scale?’

As a vibrant coworking space, we are exposed daily to examples of the amazing ways in which companies big and small are trying to leverage technology to make positive impacts on our society. But with the continuing growth allowing for more innovation than ever - how can we ensure we harness this power for good?

During this discussion, we’ll hear the panellist thoughts on if open-source data is a viable option for collaboration, if "tech giants" are reinforcing the ways our social and political systems privilege some groups over others, and if we are preparing for a future of work where technical expertise coexists with empathy, humility, and perseverance.

Our panellists include:

Voon-Li Chung from Gaia Resources

As a software engineer at Gaia Resources, Voon-Li has the power to create, connect and construct tech for good. One of his recent works was a smartphone app, Stop Announcer, designed to assist vision impaired (Android and iOS) individuals use public transport network  by providing audio notifications and alerts to users while they are travelling on a bus, train or ferry, informing them of their progress through their journey and alerts them on when to disembark.

Danielle Giles from Scitech

Danielle is an Executive Manager in Experience and Content at Scitech, with a passion for human centered, iterative design and collaboration with audiences and customers to create meaningful experiences, services and products that delight, have impact and align with objectives.

Tyler Spooner from Uno Group

The CEO and founder of Uno Group, Tyler is a well-recognised thought leader in the tech and social impact entrepreneur space. Tyler’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including Uno Groups world leading software development team and culture that has served as a growth catalyst.

So, grab your morning coffee and RSVP for free here, and we’ll see you at TechTalks on September 11.