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Startup Weekend Perth 6 – ITS A WRAP!

Aug 24, 2018

The event kicked off at 6.30pm Friday 22 May and ended well-past 9pm Sunday 24 May. Yes, the 54-hour frenzy brought together web developers, IT guns, marketing whizzes, business development experts, project managers … you name it. Teams formed at the launch and had one weekend to hack, hustle, pivot and validate a startup idea. Phew!

The frenetic pace, matched only by the stellar catering (entrepreneurs gotta eat) saw some teams launch businesses as early as Saturday. By Sunday morning not only were teams: Groupfitlocal, Equipd, Textie, Star Tap, Happy Quokka, Walk on Buy, No Temptations, Pitches for Stitches Open Oceans and Easy OT racing against the clock, but alongside 31,000 HBF fun runners!

The weekend came to a close with some of the best pitches in #SWPerth history, with Equipd taking out second place and EasyOT winning the crowd!

Huge thanks to everyone that made it happen – the City of Perth, IBM Bluemix, Upworks, IP Australia, Uber, General Standards, Amcom Upstart, and Quickbooks.

See you soon for #SWPerth7!