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Startup Weekend #14 concludes in a whirlwind weekend in Perth

Dec 11, 2019

Startup Weekend number 14 has closed out with a bang as Perth’s startup community gathered this weekend at Riff to celebrate all things lean, agile, and innovative as over 50 of Perth’s best and brightest joined forces to once again prove that great ideas can be brought to life with team work. Startup Weekend brings together developers, entrepreneurs and experts from all walks of life, and packs them into a room together for 54 hours with endless coffee and free-flowing ideas, which creates a must-attend event on the startup calendar.

Supported by the City of Perth, Skills of the Modern Age, ClickSend, Bloom WA, and the team here at Spacecubed, Startup Weekend is an iconic event that happens all across the globe and provides individuals a platform to test their ideas with their target audience in mind.

Participants from a range of diverse backgrounds formed teams on the Friday evening, where they begin the startup process. Pitch, create and launch. Teams worked as one throughout the weekend, presenting their final ideas on Sunday night, with many of them having built a functional, ready for market product.

“This was my second startup weekend and I’m certain it won’t be my last!” participant Jo Minney shared following the event. “I met some great people and we were fortunate enough to win second place with Locum Local, so the journey isn’t done yet. We’re really excited about taking this idea to the next level so watch this space!” 

Jasmin Ward, introducing the evening of pitches and presentations at Spacecubed

“For this iteration, we had some fresh energy on the team - with passionate educators and entrepreneurs including Jasmin Ward, Ming Johanson, Jason Balchand, and Nadine Saaadi working to bring the weekend to life.” Kate Kirwin, Program Lead at Spacecubed shares.

The 14th Startup Weekend saw Pivotal Health take home the trophy, with their new healthtech platform designed to eliminate the waiting process for users in pain, and Locum Local coming in a second with their business idea to modernise the way pharmacies connect with the workforce.

Functionally, a startup founded during a previous Startup Weekend Perth by Tim Brewer and Damian Bramanis, is one of the great success stories to come from these challenging, 54 hour weekends. Still going strong, Functionally masters the complexity of scale with their people alignment platform and is trusted by large brands including Health Engine and Accelo. 

Other teams formed during the weekend included:

  • Pivotal Health
  • Locum Local
  • Instasitter 
  • Arrive Alive
  • Eat Return Repeat

If you’re interested in being involved in the next Startup Weekend, whether it’s too attend or mentor, head to Startup Weekend today, or sign up as a Spacecubed Community Member to be the first to hear about upcoming events just like this.