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Startup Weekend #10 Perth Roundup

Jul 23, 2018

The Roundup:

In one whirlwind weekend, we welcomed 118 of Perth's up-and-coming innovators to form 13 teams to participate in a 54-hour hustle to create a startup from scratch - Silicon Valley style. Participants were provided mentoring and learning opportunities along the way to give them the real tools needed to get a business off the ground and apply these to their startup idea. The teams then battled out their ideas at a Pitch Night on the final evening in front of an audience and panel of industry expert judges.

Nathan Sturke, Startup Weekend #10's facilitator said, "Startup Weekend #10 was our biggest event ever - 118 participants working on 13 new startup ideas in just 54 hours. it is great to see the ecosystem continue to grow, with more than 80% of the participants having never been to Spacecubed or involved to the Perth startup community before. I'm looking forward to an even bigger and better event for Startup Weekend # 11 in November"

"Experiencing Startup Weekend as a participant was a unique experience after selling my own startup last year. It was all the emotions of 3 years of building a startup in 54 hours. The only thing missing was the risk of losing your home or being unable to pay your employees. Recommend it to all entrepreneurs to keep your skills sharp." says Nesh Sooriyan, Manager of Programs & Learning at Spacecubed.

A huge thank you to our mentors, judges, sponsors and organisers. And to our Startup Weekenders, thank you for your attendance and check out the next opportunities and a special offer for you below.

The Teams:

Building a business in real life usually takes months or even years to do, the results from 1 weekend were truly inspiring. Some teams had already started generating revenue for their startup before pitch night. Here is a summary of the businesses and ideas that resonated from each of these talented teams:

Charlie M (1st Place) - a website that empowers women to discover tasteful intimate stimulation that is tailored to their desires

TrustInk (2nd Place) - an online platform/app that links tattoos to digital content

Shirt Ninja (3rd Place - novelty prize) - a middleman solution linking dry cleaners to customers

beetlehop - an online community of like-minded sports travellers 

taption - a platform that provides real captions that have worked in the real world, offering 1000 likes

Gentor - an online marketplace connecting mentors to mentees for work related help & advice

Parkfinity - the Airbnb of parking, an app that allows individuals to lend out their parking bays throughout the day

Process tree - a platform that profiles businesses and matches them with the appropriate accountants

MyAppointment - a platform that utilises the data in someone's health record to explain their condition & also helps you get accurate waiting times for appointments!

Bookit - an online platform/app allowing individuals to rent stuff from their neighbours

Glamoured Professionals - a website/blog/app specialising in getting the conversation started on appropriate business attire especially for recent uni graduates

Startup Help - a platform that helps startups connect with the ecosystem without the pain of multiple entry points

Home On Time/Medtec - a platform that allows data entry automation for healthcare professionals, i.e. the Siri for healthcare.

Check out the Facebook LIVE Stream of the 13 business pitches by NICHEinterview.com here


So what's next for Startup Weekenders?

For those teams that are wanting to continue their startup journey, we have a number of great workshops and events happening in our community to help you boost your knowledge base and expand your networks.

Intensify Scholarship Program

Boosted Product Management Series

Founders Institute Events & Workshops

Small Business Development Corporate (SBDC) Workshops - 1. Understanding your Business Financials and 2. Marketing Your Business

Concise Creative Workshops with Gareth Lane - 1. Intro to Google2. Intro to Digital Marketing3. Intro to Social Media

Morning Startup every 2nd Wednesday

**Special Offer to all Startup Weekenders**

As a thank you for participating we are offering all Startup Weekenders 2 weeks of free full-time coworking when they register for an annual Community Membership at Spacecubed. Simply email the request to info@spacecubed.com with a copy of your Startup Weekend ticket before 30th June to sign up for the deal.

Check out our Community Events calendar here for more networking opportunities and events available to members.