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Spacecubed is celebrating the 20th Startup Weekend in Perth, All Stars Edition!

Apr 3, 2024

Get ready to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit alongside some of Perth's leading innovators as we proudly present our extra special 20th edition of Startup Weekend: All Stars! Hosted at Riff, powered by Spacecubed, this event promises to be a whirlwind of creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge ideas.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour whirl-wind event where participants dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of entrepreneurship. From crafting their initial pitches and forming teams to validating markets, designing prototypes, and refining business models, it's a Silicon Valley-style event designed to unleash your inner innovator.

As we celebrate the 20th Startup Weekend in Perth this year, we're gearing up for our biggest event yet. This year we're thrilled to welcome back all past winners, participants and mentors from previous Startup Weekends, adding an extra layer of experience and expertise to our community. This is also an excellent opportunity for newcomers to dive into the excitement and collaborate with passionate innovators, change-makers, and industry experts.

Alongside our exciting lineup of mentors, we’re also excited to announce that Nate Sturcke, Founder of Skills of the Modern Age and Ecosystem Lead at Meshpoints, will be facilitating the weekend.

Over the past seven years, Nate has collaborated with thousands of entrepreneurs across a range of programs. He's been instrumental in hosting numerous early Startup Weekends in Perth, making him the perfect facilitator for our 20th edition of the event this year.

When asked what he’s looking forward to most about facilitating this upcoming All Stars edition of Startup Weekend, Nate shared “Startup Weekend has been such an important element of our ecosystem for more than 10 years. It has enabled over 2,000 Western Australians to connect with other innovators over an amazing weekend of collaboration, experimentation and skills building. I am excited to see the community come together for our 20th event, with participation from past winners, previous and new mentors and future startup weekend superstars."

Reflecting back on our previous events, including the most recent City of Joondalup Startup Weekend held at Edith Cowan University last month, we were able to bring together entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds. Following this successful weekend, we asked a few participants about their experience with Startup Weekend.

Winner of the City of Joondalup Startup Weekend, Vitold Voytekunas shared, “I couldn't recommend Startup Weekend enough. I've never been so lost and sure of myself at the same time. It's a lot to do over a weekend, a cluster of mixed ideas and rapid pivots but when you go out there and start resonating with people you get the opportunity to change their lives. I think that's what building a business is all about.”

Wendy O’Shaughnessy, second runner up added, what a brilliant startup weekend! Highly recommend to anyone, any age, any background, with an idea, to get it out of your head and get involved in a Spacecubed startup weekend.”

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur with a startup idea in mind or are simply eager to broaden your skill set beyond your usual 9-to-5, Startup Weekend offers an ideal platform to do just that. This is your chance to enhance your abilities, forge connections with a vibrant community of industry experts, and propel your entrepreneurial aspirations to new heights. Who knows? Your idea could very well be the next big thing, just like past Startup Weekend champions such as Al Bentley, CEO of Simply Wall St.

Al’s business journey began at Startup Weekend in 2013 (see his pitch here), and since then, he has revolutionised the financial market with Simply Wall St, a simple solution that now serves over 5 million registered users across 170 countries. With coverage of 150,000 stocks in 95 global markets, Al has mastered the art of scaling a business globally.

Startup Weekend All Stars is made possible thanks to the support of the City of Perth and ClickSend.

Tickets are now on sale. To secure your spot at our biggest and best Startup Weekend event to-date, access your tickets here!