Spacecubed Founder, Brodie McCulloch announces candidacy for Perth Lord Mayor

With August comes an exciting announcement from Brodie regarding the future of Spacecubed and his plans to deliver further impact across the Perth residential and business community. See Brodie’s announcement below!

Brodie McCulloch
Jul 31, 2020

I have some exciting news to share with you, after almost 10 years working on Spacecubed, I have decided to run for Lord Mayor of the City of Perth.

With Spacecubed in a strong position, with an excellent leadership team spearheaded by Chandra Sundareswaran and Ophelie Cutier and plans for continued growth, new spaces and greater partnerships, I have been looking at how I can grow my impact in the community beyond Spacecubed.

Lord Mayor of the City of Perth is a great opportunity to take what I have learnt over the past 10 years working with Community, Business and Government and apply it in what is going to be a very challenging time for Perth post-COVID.

Through my main policies, I aim to deliver new opportunities for Perth residents and businesses. By creating a Smart and Vibrant City we will be positioned to grow and attract new companies to the CBD whilst preparing Perth for the future. 

I plan to partner with key community groups to drive a citizen centric approach to the delivery of all city services. I will work closely with First Nations leaders to facilitate their cultural stewardship within the city, and will connect directly with both the retail and business communities to drive meaningful change in the areas of homelessness, retail and tourism. 

You have been supportive of me and Spacecubed over the years and I would love you to support me now by:

  • Help me get elected by registering here for our #HackForMayor on Saturday, August 8th. It will be a fun day and there are a range of options for you, your friends and family to contribute.
  • Register to vote if you are a resident or business owner with property or a lease in the City of Perth by following the instructions here. If you can let me know if you are eligible to vote that would be great!
  • Donate to the campaign so that we can ensure we get the message out there to more voters. I am up against some deep pockets so your support will really help.
  • Like my campaign facebook page to show your support and stay across all coming policy launches and events.
  • Connect me with residents and businesses you know who can vote, I can send you through an introduction for you to email them copying in which comes directly to me.

This is a big step and I'd love your support to make it a success. By following any of the above channels, you will be able to stay up to date on my campaign as I won't be sharing regular updates through our Spacecubed networks - so head there if you want to join me on this journey!