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Spacecubed and Zoho for Startups: Powering Innovation Together

Oct 12, 2023

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and innovation, the value of collaboration cannot be overstated. Spacecubed has taken this concept to new heights by collaborating with Zoho for Startups to provide our members with exclusive access to discounted services across Zoho’s 50+ applications. This exciting collaboration is poised to catalyse the growth of startups and budding entrepreneurs, offering them a robust toolkit that is affordable and trustworthy, so they can thrive in the competitive business landscape.

The Zoho for Startups program will give Spacecubed members access to the software solutions they need to power their entrepreneurial journey, including access to A$5,500 worth of startup wallet credits after validation* (eligibility requirements apply).

“Partnering with Spacecubed presents an exciting opportunity for Zoho to extend our support to a diverse community of entrepreneurs across Australia.” Rakesh Prabhakar, General Manager, Zoho Australia & New Zealand shared.

The Spacecubed-Zoho for Startups partnership is more than just a business collaboration; it's a beacon of empowerment for startups and budding entrepreneurs. By providing affordable access to essential business tools and fostering a sense of community, this partnership embodies the essence of innovation: enabling startups to achieve their full potential.

“The partnership between Spacecubed and Zoho for Startups is a great opportunity for us to expand our member benefit suite, and continue offering services and discounts to our Australia-wide community of innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs.” Lauren Quinn, Spacecubed Senior Growth Manager shared.

“As the Zoho for Startups program goes global, such partnerships help us in strengthening our vision and mission—in offering affordable, scalable, and trustworthy software applications to the startups. We are excited to work with Spacecubed and the startups associated with them!” Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy, Global Head, Zoho for Startups continued.

In the competitive world of startups, every advantage counts. Spacecubed's commitment to its members' success, coupled with Zoho’s comprehensive suite of business tools, promises to be a game-changer for startups within the Spacecubed community. As these businesses grow and thrive, they'll contribute not only to their own success but also to the broader innovation ecosystem, enriching Western Australia's entrepreneurial landscape.

Zoho for Startups joins Spacecubed’s suite of member benefits including Stripe, Google for Startups, AWS, Hubspot for Startups, DFK Gooding Partners, MongoDB for Startups and more. To find out more about how you can access these great benefits by joining the Spacecubed community, book a free tour to get started!