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Something for Everyone at Spacecubed, The Association Specialists' Experience

Mar 8, 2018

The Association Specialists, are an Association Management, Event Management and Consultancy firm based in Sydney, and have clients nationwide. As Australia's largest Association Management company (formerly the Australian Professional Centre), the Association Specialists deliver professional events, grow and develop your organisation in a low-risk and economical way and aim to guide your association to the next level.

“I found Spacecubed on google, and had been working from home for 5 months; I was going crazy,” said Jade Riolo when asked about her Spacecubed experience.

“I’m in Spacecubed full-time and mainly work from my permanent desk. The space is really exciting and engaging, and I like the collaborative elements to it,” Ms Riolo continued.

Situated in the permanent desk space on the ground floor of Spacecubed, Jade elaborated on the collaborative elements of Spacecubed being the elements she enjoyed the most. 

“I’ve never worked in an office that has a proper kitchen where you can all sit together and eat lunch - it’s actually really nice to be able to do that; I really enjoy hearing about the projects that everyone else is working on, and it inspires me to become more productive at work, it's enhanced my professional career that's for sure.”

"Personally being able to move into Spacecubed has meant that I’m able to continue working in a field that doesn’t necessarily have the same opportunities available in locally based companies and Spacecubed is a great space for someone in my circumstances working for a company based outside of Perth," she continued.

While Jade's role in the Operations team limits her ability to collaborate as the usual coworker or entrepreneur would, her experience echoes the statistic coming out of OfficeVibe.com’s recent research that 91% of all coworkers have better interactions with others, after coworking hours - networking and communicative skills improve drastically after experience in a coworking space.

"Spacecubed gives that break between work and home and I'm always keeping an eye out for something entrepreneurial, you never know when something will come along and at Spacecubed it seems that opportunity is always present," Jade concluded. 

Try coworking at Spacecubed today

After sitting down with Jade, it's great to see how Spacecubed's many facets of coworking, learning, programmes and events suit people differently - no matter your industry, background, job title or situation, we're confident there's something for everyone at Spacecubed. 

Cowork this Christmas period

In December and January, ending January 31st, we're running a coworking offer which will see anyone signing up for a part-time coworking membership get $50 off their first month and anyone signing up for a full-time membership get $100 dollars off their first month of coworking at either FLUX or Spacecubed - contact Kali@spacecubed.com to claim this offer.