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Social Impact @ Spacecubed

Mar 1, 2018

This can only be achieved by running programs, leveraging partnerships, and investing in research. For over five years Spacecubed has been supporting the startup community through programs like Intensify Scholarship and  Surge. We have been supporting research and advocacy in the startup sector through StartupWA and partner in the Social Impact Festival, run by the Centre for Social Impact (UWA). Our experiences are shared by building capacity in regions through peer-to-peer mentoring programs and by enhancing innovation development hubs in the Pilbara. The Newman incubator and coworking hub (The Edge) opened on 28 July 2017.

Our school's program is built on developing a comprehensive pathway to help school-age students transition into the 'future of work'. Spacecubed supports entrepreneurship education and innovation through program development & partnerships with schools, education experts, government and sector NGOs.

Our school's pathway program will feature three key pillars:

Guided hackathons hosted at schools in city and regional town centres; where students are posed with real-world social, environmental and economic problems and work in teams to come up with creative out-of the box solutions with support from subject-matter experts present in the room.Founding and activating intergenerational networks featuring coworking, collaborative and creative spaces that offer opportunities for current entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs (current students) to work and problem-solve together; with an opportunity to develop genuine intergenerational mentor-mentee relationships. Spacecubed will be hosting the follow-up event from the 2017 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, to bring together youth representatives, educators and key stakeholders, in order to build a cohesive collaborative approach to build enterprise skills amongst our youth.Coordinating an annual forum for entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills development for teachers and students, featuring international experts, innovators and collaborators. The first of these will be held in April 2018

Chandra Sundareswaran, our Impact Manager recently joined the Spacecubed team to focus on our Social Impact work. He will be the driving force behind our commitment to social equity and is constantly searching for innovative solutions to foster social impact through entrepreneurial activity.

Chandra comes from a background of Social Enterprise in Melbourne and is keen to bring this skillset to the WA ecosystem. If you are keen to know more, or to get involved, please reach out to us: chandra@spacecubed.com