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Six Years of Spacecubed and Introducing Riff

Mar 20, 2018

Did you know that we opened the ground floor of 45 St Georges terrace six years ago today? As recognition of this milestone Spacecubed has been listed as one of the top 1000 high growth companies in Asia Pacific in today's print edition of the Financial Times. We come in at number 132 as the second fastest growing property company. This is great recognition for the hard work that has gone into Spacecubed over the past 6 years and the contribution of our team and members.

Introducing Riff powered by Spacecubed
We are moving our spaces to a “Powered by Spacecubed” model which was initially tested with FLUX and has worked really well. There is some confusion with Spacecubed being a space and something that offers so much more. We have thought long and hard and tested this with many of you and decided to rename the ground and level four space at 45 St Georges Terrace to Riff powered by Spacecubed.

Riff captures the creativity of the space and collaboration elements. We also had positive feedback from our members which of course is very important. These changes will happen over the coming months and we will leave everything in place so if people search Spacecubed it will still list at 45 St Georges Terrace and signage will list “Riff powered by Spacecubed”. The big change will be when we renovate the full ground floor later this year and have street frontage which will be very exciting.

Continued Growth
This is really just the beginning of where we are heading to better support you to grow your ideas and reduce the barriers to your success. This blog is already way too long to mention the new Passport Program Partners in South East Asia, Plus Eight teams being announced this week, amazing new member benefits, Spacecubed being Certified as a B Corporation, FLUX new floors, and new spaces like Combine Agtech Hub.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to growing Spacecubed with you.