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Say Hello to Hidy! A new startup by Spacecubed member, Michael Schepis

Jenna Roberts
Jan 3, 2024

Hidynotes is a small but mighty cyber security Trello powerup with a purpose, putting the power in your hands.

Spacecubed member, Michael Schepis brought his idea to life within the Western Sydney Startup Hub, home to his award winning creative design agency, Handle Branding.

When Handle Branding got hit by a cyber attack over a year ago, they were forced to pay 0.5 Bitcoin and learn how to decrypt information, rebuild servers and overhaul their cyber security.

This was a wake up call for Michael and his team to take a stronger stance on privacy and security, whilst also sparking an interest for how to help others avoid finding themselves in similar situations.

Inspired to create something highly effective and impactful, Michael hired Florentin Ledy to join his team, a cyber security specialist and developer from France.

We asked Michael to tell us more about how Hidy works and he shared the following.

“Hidynotes has been created to add a further layer of security and privacy to Trello, an application used by tens of millions of people within project management. Essentially we have given users the power of private notes, images, attachments and more.”

Hidy aims to give users more control over their project notes and how they are shared amongst teams. Built and designed with users in mind, Hidy allows admins to selectively share certain information, images and files with the users selected.

Hidy currently offers three different plans to suit your needs, including a free option. This allows users to try the product without committing to anything and is also affordable for those who do want to use the premium features.

Since its launch just last month, Hidynotes has already earned a global user base. “We welcome our users by offering a freemium platform, with users onboarding around the world from the US, Brazil, Europe, Asia and more,” shared Michael.

We look forward to witnessing Hidy’s growth as a tech company born out of the Western Sydney Startup Hub, that will help many businesses worldwide improve their cyber security.

“Support Hidy and have a go, or share with your friends that use Trello!” Michael concluded.

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