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Plus Eight participant, Elizabeth Knight launches The Lost Button

Jul 27, 2021

Designed as a podcast to help young people figure out their career pathways and future direction, The Lost Button hosted by Elizabeth Knight and Conor McLaughlin, the new series is a response to the many challenges and pressures students are facing when deciding on the right future path for them. 

“I’ve met so many young people who are going through incredibly difficult challenges and anxieties about not knowing what to do with their lives. They have no one other than Google to turn to for reliable or relevant advice to help get them unstuck,” says the founder of Purposeful, Elizabeth Knight. 


“We created The Lost Button as an antidote to their uncertainty, to give students something to fall back on whenever they are feeling lost or overwhelmed, to remind them of who they are and redirect them towards career and life paths they are passionate about.”


The launch of the podcast aligns perfectly with the messaging of Elizabeth’s edtech startup, Purposeful, as she works with students, school leavers, recent graduates and startup founders to find their purpose and vision. Elizabeth has also worked closely with Spacecubed’s flagship program, She Codes Australia, as they work to empower and educate young people around the tech industry.


“With many young Australians citing their biggest challenge as figuring out their futures, it’s no surprise that change is coming,” said Elizabeth. The Lost Button tackles a different challenge young people are facing in each episode, from finding a job they are passionate about, to managing stress and early-career burnout. 


“We hope these conversations will help students to understand they are not alone; we all experience feeling lost sometimes,” says Elizabeth. “It’s normal, and a part of being human. Instead of making them feel more anxious, we’re here to give really practical advice that they can apply to their lives straight away, to get unstuck fast.”


Whether you’re starting a new chapter in life, like graduating from high school or university, searching for a meaningful career path or unsure how to find a job you’re passionate about, there’s something for you in The Lost Button.

The Lost Button launched on Wednesday 21 July, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts! Head to www.thelostbutton.org to learn more.