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Plus Eight Announces Teams to Prepare for Global Landscape

May 4, 2018

Presenting the successful startups and scale-ups in the second cohort of the Plus Eight Accelerator Program

Udrew | Persistent

Founder Tom Young was inspired when his simple renovation work last year ended up taking 7 months to get approval. He figured if someone so experienced in the building industry was having so much difficult, what chance would the average person have? They are looking forward to “disrupting an industry that wants and needs to be disrupted”.

Udrew is a platform for homeowners without any technical skill to design, engineer and manage their own custom building project for 70% less cost and receive instant council approval. This means you can begin construction of your own project in minutes – not months.

Kin Childcare | Caring

As two families fresh from the UK, Nick and Marc arrived in Perth with four young children but no network of friends, family or trusted babysitters to rely on. Kin was born when they came up with the simple idea to connect carers and grandparents in a marketplace environment.

Kin makes childcare simple by offering reliable, trustworthy and available carers‚ even at the last minute. Kin eliminates the hassle that comes along with hiring a babysitter, from scheduling to payment. So all that’s left for you to do is schedule time for work, make time for yourself and enjoy date nights.

Mureus | Driven

After suffering through moving house quite frequently Flora learnt that decorating can be quite challenging and expensive. That led to her idea of creating art that is easy to assemble and put on the wall. A few months later they had a 3D printer and started prototyping to make art accessible to all.

Mureus is a modular art startup that creates customisable magnetic modular art for large spaces. With Mureus you can decorate your space easily without damaging your wall. Mureus is easy to assemble and disassemble, lightweight and easy to transport.

Hopolla | Adventurous

When a bunch of passionate travellers get together to work on a project from a gorgeous Thai beach a lot can happen! They noticed a massive opportunity working with hostels and want to have fun while making a positive impact on tourism.

Hopolla is a curated travel community that works in partnership with hostels to provide millennial travellers with authentic local experiences anywhere in the world. Hopolla helps travellers have fun while making a positive impact on local communities.

SpacetoCo | Multi-skilled

Co-founder Jeremey had an idea about enabling greater use of space in the community however, he knew the task ahead what much bigger than him. Dan and Daniel jumped in to help and by early 2017, all three co-founders were working full time in the business.

SpacetoCo makes it possible for individuals to easily list their Space to an online marketplace. This marketplace then serves the general community by handling locational searches, availability, two-way reviews and payments. Everything they do encourages local area economies.

Kooda | Enthusiastic

Carly had been trying to worm farm for her family of 7 but ran into many difficulties with the large volumes involved. After following the efforts of chemical engineers on the path to Zero Carbon, she felt that food-waste contributing to greenhouse gases was an issue she had the skills to address.

Kooda uses technology to make it clean, easy and efficient for every kitchen to divert food-scraps from landfill or burning. We are an on demand collection service, providing a supplemental income for the young, the old and disabled, locally processing food-waste into a great soil product for growing greener cities.

Lily and Fox | Empathetic

Lily and Fox was created when founder Sean Barry noticed his girlfriend using nail products that seemed very difficult to use and asked him to make them better. He's now on a mission to simplify beauty so people can wear whatever they imagine on their nails without worrying about application time, complexity, damaging their health or bank balance.

Their product is an alternative to nail polish that takes advantage of materials and chemical technologies and creates no drying time, no mess and can support very complex coatings. It's supported by the latest advances in AR and delivers highly personalised nail cosmetics.