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Plus Eight and Skills of the Modern Age present, City of Canning Sprint Program

Jun 11, 2019

Off the back of 2 successful Sprint Programs run out of Spacecubed, and 1 in Port Hedland, the City of Canning Business support team reached out to Spacecubed and Skills of the Modern Age with the mission to provide education and mentoring support for high potential businesses based in the City of Canning.

Drawing on the best contemporary approaches to build sustainable businesses, straight from the innovation capitals of the world, Canning Sprint provides the fastest way to get your business fit. Each week, an industry specific speaker was introduced giving the cohort the opportunity to learn directly from specialists each week. Including Cam Sinclair at Ammo Marketing, David Beros from DigitalX, Carly Hardy from Kooda, Stephen Carroll from RSM, and Jeremy Hurst from SpacetoCo.

Amanda Walker, Director of WA HomeStay and member of the cohort tells us, “I have picked up some amazing tips from the experts who have taken the time to talk to us.” She continues, “However, what I have found most beneficial is the way the program forces you to reflect on your business. It is very easy to get caught up in just "doing". The Plus Eight Canning Program has made me stop and think about the bigger picture.”

By working alongside industry experts and applying the startup thinking approach, each founder was able to expedite the growth of their business locally and in the future, potentially reach investors on a nationwide or international scale. Megan Del Borrello, founder of Behind the Brands, discusses how the program allows you to take a look at the scalability of your business, and to challenge all assumptions. “I’m continually talking to my target audience and clients, and adapting my business to suit,” She tells us. “It has really made me think about the business long term, and what that can look like.”

The program also encourages entrepreneurs to think about important processes such as market research, analysis, and segmentation and from there, come about a marketing strategy to identify their unique value proposition which will be attractive to their target audience. “By reflecting on our business hypothesis, we are forced to look back and challenge all of our initial ideas on setting up the business.” Grace, the founder of Bossaball WA tells us.

Now at the end of the Canning Sprint Program, with a founder sundown taking place on the 26th of June, participants have not only become stronger business owners, but have a more robust business plan in place. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, visit the Plus Eight website to see our upcoming events and programs.

Alternatively, if you run a local innovation hub, organisation or city council, reach out to chandra@spacecubed.com to see how we can work with you to deliver a pre-accelerator program in your area.