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Plus Eight alum, Tender Relief, lands $100,000 funding through RED Grant Initiative

Mar 17, 2022

From pitching an idea to winning multiple streams of funding, the journey of Tender Relief has been nothing short of extraordinary. In addition to being selected as a leading tech startup for the Plus Eight Accelerator program which ended with a Demo Night on December 7, 2021, Tender Relief were awarded $100,000 last week in State Government funding by Minister MacTiernan through the RED Grant initiative


Tender Relief CEO Eliza Carbines says, “We are just thrilled to have received this funding in what is a highly competitive grant round, and this accomplishment simply would not have been possible without the support and guidance received through the Plus Eight Accelerator program.” 


As a result of their participation and graduation from the Plus Eight program, Tender Relief were able to clearly articulate the validation and credibility of their product in their Grant application. The Spacecubed and Plus Eight community has brought Tender Relief immense exposure, experience, and opportunity through a systematic, detailed and purposeful seed program that supports startups in their journey towards growth and success. 


So, how did a small tech startup become an award-winning company on a government level? For that, we need to first dive into the RED Grant award and realise the assessment criteria for award of funding.


The RED Grants program is a State-Government initiative that supports community-driven projects aimed at long-term economic growth. Tender Relief was selected among the handful of recipients for the award. Their product tends to revolutionise bidding and simplify tendering for businesses small and large. It’s worth noting that while brick-and-mortar businesses have a specific awe factor, tech businesses are scrutinised through a different lens. 


“Being able to secure this grant funding has helped Tender Relief take a huge step forward in developing our online product, Tender Relief Online.” Eliza shared. “It’s a work in progress, TRO is gearing up to support businesses in their pursuit of submitting better tenders and thereby increasing their chance to win their share of the $600 billion worth of contracts awarded each year in Australia.”


In addition to Tender Relief Online’s database of tender questions and answers meant to support businesses with their tender applications, Tender Relief also offers consultancy and bid coordination for companies from all kinds of industries. The startup has a firm goal in place to ensure the best submissions of tenders. Tendering itself is a process that requires time, commitment, resources, and planning. Without the right coordination and structure, businesses are likely to end up submitting incomplete or inadequate responses.


“Despite having the necessary skills and expertise to tackle the contract scope and requirements, many businesses fail to secure those contracts because of a response that could have been better.” Eliza continued. “With Tender Relief Online, even the smallest of businesses are able to understand, analyse and response to tender questions appropriately, affordably and expertly, giving them space to compete for contracts that truly are theirs to serve.”


A tech business that grew out of Karratha, Tender Relief shows us there’s no question that opportunity and success also lie within the regions. The Spacecubed Plus Eight Accelerator Program has been a stepping stone for Tender Relief, offering a power-packed acceleration in the world of startups, funding, and business expansion. And, it can be for you too, with applications now open for the 2022 Program. See more on that here!


“The Accelerator Program has been a game changer in our startup journey. So, if you’re looking to fuel growth into your startup, join the Spacecubed community and discover your path to startup success!” Eliza shared.


Applications for the 2022 Plus Eight Accelerator Program are now open. If your business has what it takes to succeed, and globally scale, apply today! Check it out here.