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Perth Web Girls – round 2!

Aug 24, 2018

What is Perth{web}Girls?

Perth{web}Girls is a coding community for women – right here in Perth! We run free one-day coding workshops teaching women of all ages Django and/or Rails so that they can create their own websites and projects. Web Girls is a supportive community of women (and a few helpful men too), designed to break the barriers of entering the technology space.

What does the workshop involve?

The workshop starts Friday night with an install-a-thon party where a team of mentors will get the necessary programs installed on your computer. Mac or Windows – it doesn’t matter, we can do them all! After the install-a-thon, there are networking opportunities and a few speeches then dinner. Everyone comes back bright and early Saturday morning and is broken up into groups of Rails and Django learners to start the tutorial! From there – go at your own pace.

What if I am not techie?

It doesn’t matter – the tutorial starts right from the beginning on how the internet works, right up to building websites. And if you don’t understand, that’s ok, we can go slower!

When is it?

Get out your calendars and lock in 18-19th September 2015!

How do I get involved?

Visit our webpage and register your interest – or email kate@spacecubed.com for more details.

“I never in a million years thought I could learn basic coding” – previous Perth{web}Girls participant

Check out the photo gallery below for photos of our March event!