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Perth Podcast Festival is back for 2020!

Oct 9, 2020

With COVID-19 breaking down the barriers to connect experts from across the globe, we’re excited to use Perth Podcast Festival as an opportunity to open up the possibilities for both businesses and individuals to learn from unique and talented podcasters and media professionals, no matter their location.

Running this year with Murdoch University on board as a Festival Partner, and supported by Business News, we’ll be hosting and supporting a series of events, workshops and networking opportunities throughout Perth and into the WA regions. 

“Through the support of Perth Podcast Festival that we received last year, I’m so excited to bring this initiative back for 2020, and to work with both local and national individuals to bring creative, and current content to our audience.” Lauren Quinn, co-creator of Perth Podcast Festival shared.  

With the full itinerary yet to be announced, featured speakers currently include Alison Rice from the hit show, Offline The Podcast, Heidi Anderson, local radio and media broadcaster, Elsa Silberstein, radio producer at ABC and Lachie Samuel, host of Open Up Podcast for an exciting panel discussion, Demelza Leonard, founder of DL Social bringing us some hands-on podcasting experiences and much more.

Other events during the week will offer a behind the scenes look into how a hit Perth show is created, social media marketing tactics, an exciting featured speaker from one of Australia's leading media platforms and more.

Stay up to date on new events coming every day by clicking here, or following us on Facebook! And, if you want to get involved, send us an email at info@spacecubed.com to learn more.