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Perth Events - Spacecubed Hosts Startup Weekend

Aug 24, 2018

As well as offering meeting rooms to startups, techies, innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate businesses at any stage, Spacecubed also invites as many people from a diverse range of backgrounds to attend its many hackathons and meetups in Perth. So as Hackathon Season is upon us, we have decided to share with you the breakdown of what to expect during the upcoming Startup Weekend.

With this in mind, the brief summary of our up-coming Startup Weekend, below isn't just aimed at techies. If you're a corporate industry expert and you want to learn about how tech can create growth for your business, then these events will serve you well.

If you're a techie and you're looking for innovative solutions to complex problems in order to further your success, these events are right up your street. We believe that tech shouldn't be a STEM oriented field, but rather a STEAM one instead - put simply, the Arts must be included in the field of technology to maximise a businesses creative edge.  

Feel you can revolutionise the tech scene or feel you can benefit from the creative environment? Without further adieu check out the Startup Weekend video and brief below and don't forget to have a look around our interactive google maps feature at the bottom of this article.  

Startup Weekend Video

Announcing PhDo

PhDo is a follow-on program that has run after some previous Startup Weekends, created by Sam Birmingham, the guy who brought Startup Weekend to Perth way back in 2012.The program aims to keep the momentum going for teams, helping them to remain focused on the things that matter, providing continued mentorship and guidance, and most importantly accountability. Having a goal for each week that teams will have to report on at PhDo is great for keeping the effort and commitment going. PhDo places will be made available for free for the winners and Honourable Mentions of Startup Weekend, The weekly workshops will be run by both Sam Birmingham and Marcus Holmes, and will run for 5 weeks from mid-May to the end of June. Email Marcus for more details.

Things to do before Startup Weekend

1. Buy your ticket if you haven't already!2. Practice your pitch. Time yourself to get it under 1 minute. Remember, props are allowed but slides aren't, so keep it focused and get what you need to say said:

- Who you are...- Who the customer is...- What problem you're solving...- How you think you'll solve it...- Who you need on your team...3. Get your tools lined up. If you're a techie, work out what platform you'll use and get familiar with it. Remember this is a hack not an enterprise project - your philosophical objections to frameworks don't cut any mustard if you can't deliver working code in 48 hours. If you're non-tech, work out what role you'd like to play and read up. Marketing is probably the main non-technical role needed for the weekend, so get reading! Everyone should read The Lean Startup before the weekend. It's the single most important reference for everything we do here.4. Get your personal pitch worked out. You'll have not very long to present yourself to potential team-mates. How will you describe yourself to them?

For more information - see the Startup Weekend video below.

Can't make it to Startup Weekend? Fear not, there's a new hackathon on the block

Drum roll please.... Announcing MindHack, a new kind of Hackathon to come to Perth in a league of its own. MindHack, held at Spacecubed on 20-21 May, will be focussed on solving issues surrounding mental health, in just 24 hours. We are looking for students, health experts, entrepreneurs and anyone who has ideas and is passionate about mental health. It's going to be a great day, and there are some fantastic prizes on the cards. Tickets are just $40, and can be purchased here or, come along to the info night on the 26th April

 To find out about more upcoming events - contact us or book an open house tour at Spacecubed 

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If you're a startup or established business in any field, looking to host an event - find out how Spacecubed can be of service by contacting Kate@spacecubed.com

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