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Pay per desk, not per person: Spacecubed’s new model that allows team flexibility

May 7, 2021

We know how drastically things can change overnight. 2020 taught us that. And we know that now, business owners, professionals and individuals are more cautious than ever to get into long-term leases or lock in contracts. When they’re making plans for the future, they have more than one option. Plan A, where everything goes accordingly, and Plan B, where perhaps things aren’t as simple as they first seemed.

Well, how about a Plan C? A future workspace that caters to you, and the ever-changing needs of your business (and the things we can’t plan for!).


Here at Spacecubed, we’ve launched a new aspect of our memberships that allows you to pay per desk, instead of per person. Enjoy the chance to work from the office two, or three days a week, and then rotate with your team. You both get the flexibility of working from home, while also enjoying the creative and community feel of working in a shared space.


In addition to this, your monthly meeting room allowances ensure that your team can come together to connect, collaborate or meet with clients when, and as needed. And of course, as a Spacecubed member you get all the benefits including weekly community events, networking opportunities, programs for business development, access to our online network and much more.


Icetana, global software company and current Spacecubed members, are working with this hybrid model for their membership. With half of their team working a few days a week, and the other half coming in on the opposite days, they’re able to take advantage of a set of Resident Desks and rotate their team as needed. Hear from CEO and Managing Director, Matthew McFarlane on why they made the shift to flex space post-pandemic here. 

So, if you’re looking for a flexible membership with no lock in contracts, overheads or hidden costs, join the Spacecubed community today. Discover our current trial options by speaking to a member of our team, or booking a free tour to get started!