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ownAI: Pioneering the future in Western Australia through support of the Perth Landing Pad program

Jan 15, 2024

The Perth Landing Pad Program serves as an indispensable avenue for high-growth international startups and scaleups aiming to expand their operations into Western Australia. Offering access to exclusive online tools, collaborative coworking spaces, customised events, and individualised mentorship, this program becomes an unmatched catalyst for rapid growth and expansion within the dynamic West Australian market.

ownAI, a digital product development company is a pioneering force shaping the digital footprint of businesses across the World Wide Web. Their mission revolves around harnessing intelligence, human and that of machines, to transform client’s business dreams into digital reality. Their collaborative approach adds value to diverse industries by crafting cohesive web, mobile, and software solutions, ensuring their clients stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies like Microservices, Blockchain, IoT, AI, ML, and AR/VR.

Punit Kotecha, Founder and CEO of ownAI shares his business journey and what he’s hoping to achieve through engaging in the Perth Landing Pad program below.

When asked how ownAI was created, Punit shared, “our journey at ownAI began with a passion for software development and a deep curiosity about how businesses intersect with technology. I spent years immersed in the world of software interfaces and user experience, working with renowned firms in India. But over time, I wanted to understand the bigger picture of how businesses operate and how software development aligns with their needs.”

“This curiosity led me to freelance gigs where I engaged with clients worldwide. It became evident that there was a gap in the market, where clients wanted more than just products; they needed tailored solutions. This realisation sparked the birth of ownAI.”

“Challenges arose as I navigated team-building, project management, and customer acquisition. However, a pivotal moment came when Gargi, now our CTO and Co-Founder, joined forces. Her technical brilliance from top software firms enriched our technical landscape.”

“Together, we transformed ownAI into a strategic partner, crafting custom solutions aligned with our clients' aspirations. Today, we're a dynamic force offering tailored software solutions globally. Our aim remains unwavering, to empower startups and enterprises as their trusted software solution partner.” Punit shared.

When asked what ownAI are hoping to achieve through the Perth Landing Pad program, Punit shared that they’re looking forward to connecting and networking with local innovators, learning from mentors and field experts, and exploring opportunities to forge new partnerships.

When asked what expanding ownAI into Western Australia looks like to them, Punit shared, “we started working with a Sydney-based client earlier in 2023 and it was an amazing experience.”

“After this, we’re very excited and positive about Australia as a whole country, and I think discovering the Perth Landing Pad program is a perfect thing that happened to us at just the right time as it opens up the gate to entering the West Australian market for us.” He added.

To learn more about ownAI, you can visit their website here.

The Perth Landing Pad program is made possible thanks to the support of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and the City of Perth.

If you’re an international startup founder looking to scale into WA, applications for the Perth Landing Pad program are now open. To learn more and apply, click here