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Our pressure test Q&A session with the Vocus Upstart 7

Aug 24, 2018

The 7 Vocus Upstart teams, PrevYou, Filtered, Jurimetrics, Yabble, Everythere, Immersia and Veri.Vote are now based on level 9 in Spacecubed’s accelerator space, and throughout the last month have met Steve Baxter, journeyed to Margaret River for a startup weekend bootcamp and have met countless expert startup mentors.

Having spent the last month at Spacecubed, we thought we’d find out exactly how their Spacecubed and Vocus Upstart programme experience is going in a quick fire two question pressure test. With the intensity firmly on, we asked our startups to answer in no more than five words and here’s how they rose to the challenge:

  • In no more than 6 words what have you learnt about yourself and entrepreneurship on this programme?

PrevYou, "More practical application than in our university degree."

Filtered, "Where my blindspots are."

Immersia, "Play to your strengths."

Veri.Vote, "Changes happen quickly"

Yabble, "Business models over MVPs."

Everythere, "Seek advice, you must. Yes."

Jurimetrics, "How will people pay?"

  • What's been the highlight of the Vocus Upstart experience so far?

PrevYou"Working with other forward thinking, motivated and like-minded teams who help each other at the drop of a 


Filtered, "Building relationships with the mentors."

Immersia, "Meeting and choosing the mentors."

Veri.Vote, "Dinners with cohort and mentors."

Yabble, "The mentors and our cohort."

Everythere, "Creating the first building blocks to a new network of like-minded individuals all on a track to success."

Jurimetrics, "Getting the opportunity to work with great mentors"

Spacecubed community

With a month of Vocus Upstart and Spacecubed experience under their belts, our 7 startups now know what it takes to get the ball rolling, and we are extremely excited to see the progress they make in the coming months at Spacecubed. While establishing growing businesses is the main goal, it wouldn't be achievable without the networks made, mentors met and the community experienced thanks to Vocus Upstart and Spacecubed's partnership. 

With opportunities arising for each team on a weekly basis thanks to second to none mentorship, our Vocus Upstart cohort are flourishing and with it, there's an exciting sense of opportunity for our members too. 

With the 100 members in 100 days challenge ending in just 9, join the community and become a member on a discounted price listed as community membership here, before the annual price increases.