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On Those Trays takes e-commerce to new levels

Aug 24, 2018

The three young entrepreneurs met 4 years ago at Spacecubed, and were all involved with their own respective projects - 4 years on and they’ve just launched their e-commerce startup, ‘On Those Trays’, a luxury accessories business.

The innovative young startup recently launched their first product, securing over 100 pre-orders for their luxury valet tray which houses a gentleman's wallet, keys and phone.

"We really thought about the essentials of the modern man, what's his one, two, three? Where does he keep his uno, dos, tres? They're On Those Trays!" Ranjeev Sidhu explained their inspiration for their product and design.

Largely backed by the Spacecubed community, 55 of the pre-order commitments have been made by their fellow coworkers.

An innovative marketing strategy

The valet tray, priced at $100 (AUD) comes in two types of wood, locally produced in Perth. Jarrah and European Beech, and innovatively houses a gentleman’s wallet, keys and phone.

“Securing high interest from the Spacecubed community, we then took our product to Kickstarter [crowdfunding website], where we set an unlikely $15,000 (AUD) goal. With 

38 backers, we secured only $4,650 (AUD) however we used Kickstarter more to validate our product, and achieving our goal was always an added extra for us,” Ranjeev continued.

“We marketed the product shaped from the persona of a modern gentleman called Lorenzo, and created a video of how and why the product was essential for the modern man," Ranjeev concluded.

Choosing to market their product through video on Facebook, the video has since gone viral with over 265, 000 views in just two months. 

Initially aimed at gentlemen to narrow their market and launch their first product, there are plans to bring out a product aimed at women too, and media interest for their initial product has been shown by Miss West Coast, The Urban List, Business News, So.Perth and global social media guru Ozzy Man Reviews.

Using Shopify to host and sell their trays online initially, On Those Trays are also interested in local retail stores, with dialogue having opened up with Arrival Hall in East Perth.

"The marketing strategy we chose, i.e. to get the product in front of as many eyes as possible, really validated our product and created a strong influence - we've established a brand love before the product has been launched, and now it's time to release the product - we're excited," said Josh Fernandes. 

You can check out the On Those Trays viral video here

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