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Office Hours Mentor: Jeff Malin

Aug 24, 2018

Name: Jeff Malin

Organisation: Platinum WFM

Linkedin Profile: Jeff Malin

Are you a member of Spacecubed?: Yes

Do you have any previous mentoring experience: Many years ago as a Chartered Accountant

Business Experience: Chartered Accountant for over 30 years, Fellow of Society of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand

Areas of expertise you can assist with: 15 years working in Workforce Management and Payroll

How would you prefer to offer your expertise? I get great pleasure is assisting a start-up and seeing the company grow, I have done this may times in my current capacity and find it a fantastic challenge.

Regular short-duration sessions with e.g. two hours every monthAs-needed referrals from Spacecubed when members have specific questions

Do you give permission for Spacecubed members to contact you directly via email? Yes

Days of the week you prefer to volunteer:  Thursday