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Office Hours Mentor: Chris Johnson

Aug 24, 2018

Name: Chris Johnson

Current Position: Technical Consultant

Current Company: Chris Johnson

Linkedin Profile: Chris Johnson

Relevant Work Experience: I have 20 years experience being the in-house and outsourced IT guy for sole traders and SMEs. I am currently starting my own consulting service.

Education Background: Diploma in Instructional Design (Multimedia) from the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre.

Key areas you can assist with: I can assist with advice & technical expertise regarding IT infrastructure for SMEs. Also; business development, networking & social media.

Something people will find interesting about you: I’m a rare breed of IT guy that finds talking about what business do & how they do it just as interesting as providing them with technical consulting.

What are you passionate about: I’m passionate about success, not just succeeding, but the very nature or success in a modern environment: the job market, the business environment, personal and professional development and how to keep up with the ever-changing business and social landscape.

Do you give permission for Spacecubed members to contact you directly via email? Yes.

Day of the week you prefer to volunteer: Any.