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New Wave of Innovation: 11 Companies Join the Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator in Western Sydney

May 14, 2024

Introducing the 11 dynamic companies who have been selected for our Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator program, running at the Western Sydney Startup Hub. This program is designed to nurture startups in their early stages, and aims to propel these budding enterprises towards success, leveraging the region's unique resources and growing economic landscape.

This program, supported by Investment NSW is exclusive for businesses or founders based in Western Sydney with the aim to foster innovation and grow local businesses.

These founders span across diverse industries, ranging from tech startups specialising in digital and emerging technologies to education and training startups crafting innovative solutions for tomorrow. Despite their distinct paths, these companies share a unified ambition: to evolve their businesses and propel them to new heights.

We’re excited to introduce the 2024 Pre-Accelerator cohort for Western Sydney!

Prolete Sports

👋 Founder: Dale Cole

Band Magic

👋 Founder: Debbie O'Connor

Tech. Brand. Craft. 

👋 Founder: Sajo John 


👋 Founder: Aleksandar Savkic

Admin Automate

👋 Founder: Ariel Alcantara 

Education & Training

👋 Founder: Amanda Leigh Doueihi

Pera Money

👋 Founder: Denise Clemente


👋 Founder: Nakshathra Suresh 


👋 Founder: XIN YUAN 

Ecoprofit Management Pty Ltd

👋 Founder: Winton Evers 

Hydro Motors Inc.

👋 Founder: Roniel Uy

The Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator presents a comprehensive framework tailored for startups, equipping them with vital tools and resources crucial for growth. Over the course of the six week program, founders will propel their businesses forward through weekly sessions led by seasoned facilitators and mentors, access to our business growth network, participation in the Office Hours program, and utilisation of Coworking Space at the Western Sydney Startup Hub

As these 11 companies progress through the Pre-Accelerator, they are not just striving for individual success but are also laying the groundwork for a thriving ecosystem of innovation in Western Sydney. This program is a beacon of opportunity, highlighting the region's commitment to supporting new business ventures and the bright future that lies ahead for Western Sydney's economy.

Stay tuned by following on on social media here to witness how these pioneers chart new paths and push the boundaries of innovation in one of Australia's most dynamic regions.

Want a front-row seat in the audience when these startups pitch during the celebratory Pitch Night? Join us at the Western Sydney Startup Hub on Tuesday 25th June from 5pm for the chance to network with like-minded founders and hear these inspirational founders pitch their business ideas. You can register for free here!