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Networking words of wisdom from the future

Jun 6, 2018

Dear Pre-trip Tom,

I am still buzzing from the upcoming trip you’re about to have to San Francisco for Udrew, so here’s some tips to get you ready for what’s to come:

Practice your elevator pitch!

You know your stuff, so don’t sweat it – it is nothing to be nervous or self-conscious about. Be yourself.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to talk to the team and ask for feedback – you’ll get honest answers, good support and maybe even something you had not considered.

Take personal downtime

Know and understand your burnout point and take five if needed. It’s better to have a temporary rest than burn out completely. Allow yourself to have that small breather every now and then.

Be prepared

Prepare for every meeting by defining questions and listing your goal and outcomes prior.

Tom Young being interviewed on ' This week in startups with Jason Calacanis '

A bit about food

Tenderloin is not as delicious as it sounds, with the exception to Ike’s Sandwich Shop on the corner of O’Farrell and Polk Street. Also, a small McValue meal from McDonald’s is a lot bigger than a large meal in Australia.


Don’t try to understand it. Just tip 20 percent for everything and you’ll be fine.

Twice of everything

That means whatever budget you’re thinking about for the trip, double it. Need to bring warm clothes? Double it.

Know the standard dress code

Sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt are considered normal meeting attire.

Turn up the confidence

Learn to 'Americanise' your point of view and your pitch – do not be so conservative or pessimistic about what you do.

Enjoy the moment

There is some strange form of dignity involved in washing your clothes in the motel bathtub. Remember why you’ve made the trip, and learn to soak it all up.

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