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Muru-D's Bootcamp to Put Plus Eight Applicants to the Test Ahead of Latest Accelerator Programme

Mar 7, 2018

Spacecubed's Programmes Manager, Nesh Sooriyan, recently visited muru-D Sydney's startup bootcamp to engage with the programme, find out how it operates and establish a strategised plan for the launch of Spacecubed's latest accelerator, Plus Eight in late January.

Heading East

In late November, Spacecubed’s Programmes team headed 'over-East', attending Startcon (Australia’s largest startup conference), visiting partnering and future partnering coworking spaces on our Passport Programme (see here), and writing an agenda for 2017 which will see Spacecubed’s innovation programmes grow in strength, network and efficacy.

Nesh Sooriyan visits muru-D Startup Bootcamp

Part of the application phase for muru-D’s accelerators, bootcamps are a key feature for the programme’s judges and mentor’s to gain insights and identify the personalities of the budding companies and startups seeking admission to the cohort.

After launching Spacecubed’s latest accelerator, Plus Eight, partnering with muru-D, Seven West Media, Hawaiian and Telstra; Nesh’s mission was to engage with and strategise the best way to run Plus Eight, by sitting in on the bootcamp.

“16 teams were selected to make the bootcamp from this year’s application process, and these companies ranged from blockchain startups to those involved with medical wearables, autonomous drones, agtech, adtech and many other exciting industries,” said Nesh of his visit to the muru-D Sydney bootcamp.

With muru-D’s convertible ‘SAFE’ note similar to that of the Y-Combinator accelerator in the USA, later stage companies are seeing the elaborate network muru-D carries with it, as a kicker to apply for funding on the accelerator with global outlook. Read up on the convertible SAFE note in Australia here

Expert mentors and startup stalwarts, including Ben Sand (Co-Founder of Meta and Y-Combinator accelerator alumni), assess the startups at bootcamp as a way of means testing.

“Bootcamp really tested the startup’s metal and mental strength, it was a great experience to see how Australian startups respond under global challenges,” Nesh Sooriyan continued.

“The major advantage of silicon valley is that the investors understand tech because they come from technology backgrounds,” Nesh continued, “While Australian investors typically aren’t experts in scaling technology companies, muru-D and its elaborate network of investors shift this paradigm and keep founders on track, motivated, and provide the opportunity for them to deliver the best value to the Australian economy while thinking globally”.

Find out more about Spacecubed's global accelerator

Spacecubed’s new accelerator with global outlook will take applications from the 2nd of January 2017. Find out more about this exciting new programme here, or contact nesh@spacecubed.com to organise a meeting and open the door to global business opportunity at Spacecubed today.