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WA’s Innovation Ecosystem Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

Pascal Zoghbi
Mar 25, 2024

Meshpoints, supported by Spacecubed and Lotterywest, is a project that provides community, governance structure and facilitator support to organisations, ecosystem groups and individuals, enabling Western Australia to be a more innovative society.

In recent years, the Western Australian innovation ecosystem has witnessed a surge in youth innovation, driven by collaborative efforts within the community. Various initiatives and programs have emerged, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial mindsets among young individuals. In this blog, we delve into how Meshpoints has contributed to fostering youth innovation in the WA ecosystem through various key programs and initiatives in primary schools, universities, and other educational settings.

Curtin Accelerate 

The Curtin Accelerate program, which was initiated in 2012, serves as an annual accelerator aimed at bolstering early-stage startups driven by innovation. In 2023, 13 startups were selected to participate in the program, and were able to benefit from additional funding through Lotterywest IdeaStarter. This funding facilitated the growth of their early-stage ideas, aiding in customer connections, market validation, and prototype development.

Throughout the 2023 cohort, notable progress was made by startups like Wata Watcha, Care Corner, STEM XR, and Matilda, each addressing unique challenges with innovative solutions that aimed to reshape various industries. 

Want to know more about Curtin Accelerate and the ideas being progressed through Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding? Watch our video here.  

St Hilda's Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool

With the support of Catalyst Create funding, St Hilda's embarked on the development of an Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) Tool, tailored to benefit schools across WA. Following a successful pilot test, St Hilda's refined the EM website and created electronic profiles for students to access their individual progress.

This tool not only promotes entrepreneurship education within schools but also facilitates collaboration among educational institutions across WA. With plans for expansion and scaling, St Hilda's aims to set new standards for entrepreneurship curriculum development, aiming to empower future generations of innovators.

Bloom Launchpad, Orbit and Shine

Bloom's (St Catherine's College) Orbit and Launchpad programs were recently supported by Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding, propelling 7 early-stage ideas forward. Orbit, a 12-month accelerator, guided startups through challenges to foster scalability and growth, while Launchpad, a 12-week program, enabled students to develop business ideas for academic credit. 

Notable ideas progressed through the programs included WA Equine Assisted Learning by Lina Separovich (Launchpad), Glossy Boys by Breanna Lane (Orbit), and Monteiro Metal Sculptures by Dillon Monteiro (Orbit).

Through collaborative efforts and supportive programs, we’re able to increase the number of youth entrepreneurship opportunities across Western Australia. Initiatives like those listed above play an instrumental role in fostering entrepreneurship education and supporting early-stage ideas. To find out more about youth-driven programs and their impact, explore the WA Innovation Index here.