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Meshpoints steps forward with the selection of the first Steward group

Lauren Quinn
Mar 24, 2023

As part of Spacecubed’s Innovative Society Initiative, supported by Lotterywest, Meshpoints provides community, governance structure and facilitator support to organisations, ecosystem groups and individuals, enabling Western Australia to be a more innovative society.

Since launching in July 2022, Meshpoints has attracted over 60 Partners, formed 7 sub-constellations, convened a Congress of 100+ ecosystem leaders and created a unique approach to how we can collaboratively grow innovation. 

Earlier this year, Partners were invited to nominate themselves, or someone in the Meshpoints community, as a Steward. A Steward is an individual who plays an important governance role for Meshpoints by representing the needs of the wider ecosystem and helping to define priorities and processes for the network.

With facilitation from Gina Price, all Partners were then invited to vote on the nominated Stewards. Five stewards were selected from eight nominations, following a process that enabled those participating in the selection to contribute quantitatively (e.g. selecting one preferred candidate) and qualitatively (e.g. by sharing their reasons for selecting that person). When asked in the closing round, no-one participating in the selection had objections to those five being selected.

We welcome, and congratulate, Nicole Lockwood, Kylie Hansen, Peter Kasprzak, Megan Del Borrello and Clare Wood as our first group of selected Stewards! Bringing with them is a wealth of knowledge and a depth of understanding of social impact and innovation, the ability to speak from experience and represent different perspectives and their commitment and contribution to the ecosystem.

When asked what being an elected Steward meant to each individual, they all shared complementing stories on their commitment to growing and supporting a sustainable and thriving innovation ecosystem. 

Nicole Lockwood, Chair of the Malka Foundation shared how her background in infrastructure planning and delivery, and close connections with Government at all three tiers, allows her to be uniquely placed to guide the Meshpoints Constellation to achieve maximum impact. ”I am passionate about the power of collaboration and am eager to bring my experience and networks to the role of Steward.”

Being an elected Steward means that I have the opportunity to serve, contribute and represent the innovation ecosystem in WA. Ensuring that everything we do is in the best interests of the entire community that we represent” Megan Del Borrello, Founder of Emersyn shared.

For Kylie Hanson, Founding Director of Impact Seed and Clare Wood, Director & Enterprise Facilitator at Enterprise Partnerships WA (EPWA), they were both looking forward to the role of a Steward within Meshpoints and contributing to the growth of innovation and stronger collaboration in WA.

Peter Kasprzak, Co-founder and Chairman of Innovate Australia, left us with this quote “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you are going to be able to see farther.”


To find out more about Meshpoints, including our Partners and Stewards and how you can get involved, head to the website here. Or, for an overview of the entire Innovative Society Initiative, supported by Lotterywest, click here.