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Mental Health Awareness Week at Spacecubed

Aug 24, 2018

World Mental Health day took place yesterday (10th October) to promote education, advocacy and awareness - but also, to celebrate the success stories that many have contributed to creating.

Earlier this year, we hosted Mindhack, Australia’s first ever mental health Hackathon, which saw over 120 participants join us and Meeting for Minds, to engage and work ideas to make significant business change in the world of mental health.

The World Health Organisation has found that over 740 million people (10% of the world’s population) are affected by mental health issues, with a global economic burden of over $3 trillion a year. It’s easy to get lost in the statistics, but the true effects of mental health are more than simply economic.

With recent events such as Mindhack and with our most recent health hackathon, the HBF Activate programme, we’re seeing an increased demand, and willingness in our community to redress the way we tackle the challenges mental health carries.

Perth does Blue Shirt Wednesday 

Join us and Blue Shirt Wednesdays this Wednesday the 12th October and celebrate mental health awareness week in style by wearing a blue shirt in support for male Anxiety and Depression. To find out more about Blue Shirt Wednesday’s and how you can get involved, visit their page here.

We look forward to donning the blue with you this Wednesday.

To find out more about our community and to check out some of our upcoming events promoting social good, check out our events calendar here and book your open house tour of Spacecubed today.