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Member Feature: JourneyOne share their Spacecubed experience

Aug 24, 2018

JourneyOne, resident desk members, are a consulting business fusing technology and business services together to aid their diverse range of clients. They offer a varied range of consultation products such as; helping clients to envision a new destination for their business, collaborating with clients to solve problems and set new paths, creating and transforming new solutions to complex problems and continuing a pursuit for new innovations.

The emphasis on consulting and innovation makes JourneyOne the perfect fit for the Spacecubed community;

“The working environment offered by Spacecubed supports our ability to maintain our principles of working collaboratively and continuously innovating,” said Chuen Seet, Principal at JourneyOne.

By immersing themselves in the Spacecubed community, JourneyOne have been able to fire up their innovation systems and engage their intrapreneurial talent in consulting.

“As a consulting organisation aiming to do things differently, we weren’t interested in establishing a traditional office as we believed this would keep us internally-focused… Residing at Spacecubed means we are able to operate efficiently whilst maintaining a focus on innovations occurring within the Perth and Australia wide markets,” Chuen Seet continued.

Our relationship with JourneyOne is reciprocal, they’re an integral part of the Spacecubed community helping us achieve our vision of supporting 20,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers by the year 2025.

“With well equipped meeting rooms and general office facilities, our relationship with Spacecubed benefits our clients too, as we have been able to bring new ideas and thought leadership to their organisations,” Chuen Seet concluded of JourneyOne’s experience at Spacecubed.

Contact Kali@Spacecubed.com to Join JourneyOne in the Spacecubed community today.