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Meeting Rooms and Events Space @ FLUX

Aug 28, 2018

We are now more equipped to facilitate, organise and host events, enabling our community to grow professionally and expand their business potential.

With our new spaces offering collaborative, networking and engaging events, we are seeing a greater demand for meeting rooms and coworking in Perth’s CBD.

FLUX is equipped with Perth’s first outdoor coworking space called the DECK, which transforms into the perfect place to hold a networking event or business sundowner. The main events space is situated in the BASE which hosts up to 170 people, and there are 5 creatively thought out and designed meeting rooms of varying size perfect for your business meetings.


The BASE is FLUX’s coworking space, which opens up into being the main events space. Suitable for up to 170 people, this open plan space is used for meetup groups, conferences, workshops, talks and seminars. It’s first official event was hosting UBER’s Ice Cream Perth 2016, the biggest UBER event in history part of a global array of UBER events. It’s also held Perth’s latest GovHack seeing over 170 attendees, Perth’s largest GovHack ever.

Kitted out with state of the art AV equipment including a large projector, screen, microphones and speakers, the space holds up to 170 people standing or 130+ people seated; and all tables and chairs in the main space are movable to suit your event needs.










Located on the First floor of the building this boardroom type space is ocean themed, based on the exploits of Jessica Watson’s solo sail around the world.

Fitted with top of the range technology including a Sony Bravia TV and Airtame streaming device, whiteboard walls and seating up to 10 people, Watson has all the equipment you need to run a successful meeting - we guarantee there’s no meeting room like it in Perth.


Located next to Watson on level one, Mortimer is the perfect meeting room for meetings up to 6 people. Themed on Greg Mortimer’s exploits as being 1 of only 2 Australians to have successfully reached the summit of Mt Everest without oxygen, this meeting room comes with everything your team will need to achieve results, including a white board wall, Sony Bravia 4k TV and Airtame stream technology.

Andy & Thomas

Located in the BASE events and coworking space, Andy and Thomas are our space themed meeting rooms. With the maximum capacity of these rooms set to 6 people, meet and be productive in these starry carpeted, red brick meeting rooms. We guarantee there’s not a meeting room like Andy or Thomas in Perth. They come with state of the art technology and are our most used meeting rooms at FLUX.










Hinkler is FLUX’s largest meeting room. This boardroom style sky themed meeting room accommodates up to 18 people and is located by our 3d maker space, SOLDER.


Finally, the DECK is Perth’s first and FLUX’s outdoor coworking space. This awesome space is perfect for summer, comes complete with city views of St George’s Terrace, a beautiful garden and accommodates up to 50 people maximum. Hold your sundowners, networking events and workshops in the sun and on the FLUX DECK.

For more information on meeting rooms and events space, contact us here and book your tour today.