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Meet the six startups accessing seed-funding through the Plus Eight Accelerator program!

Sep 8, 2022

Plus Eight was launched in 2016 by WA’s leading technology hub, Spacecubed, helping local startups go global by providing them with a range of structured programs with world-class mentoring, business networks and seed-funding.

To date, the Plus Eight Accelerator program has invested $1.5M in startups, facilitated an additional $15M in follow-on investment, has a portfolio valuation of over $91M with local startups, and has a community base of 6,638 of local founders, SME's and corporates.

Last month marked a pivotal point in the 2022 program, with the Phase Two pitches taking place at FLUX. Here, the teams pitched their startup to program partners from Spacecubed, BetterLabs, Woodside Energy, Capricorn Society, Eastcourt, Hawaiian, Visagio, Radium Capital, Jackson McDonald and DFK Gooding Partners.

Following careful deliberation from program partners, we are excited to announce the six startups moving on to Phase Two of the Accelerator program. These selected startups will gain access to a seed-funding pool of $500K, world-class mentoring and the chance to pitch their businesses at Demo Night in December.

Arbela is a decentralised autonomous organisation that invests in community generated ideas and provides strong incentives to contributors whilst maintaining full transparency. They have a high-value investor network and a strong brand reputation, and can verify credentials and track records while preserving anonymity to the rest of the community. Arbela aims to cater to investment communities and young people, which the current financial system ignores, filling a viable gap in the market.

Bobbleware is a retail brand that sells reusable tumblers specifically designed for bubble tea. Their mission is to promote sustainability awareness in popular bubble tea drinking culture around the world, and they do this via Bobbleware, which is a sustainable alternative to singe-use plastic cups.

Ascend Labs
Ascend Labs offers a small portable device in the sport science space that is used to perform isometric strength testing for athletic monitoring. The device is compatible with existing equipment and allows strength testing in sport specific positions, horizontal and vertical testing, and isolated and compound movements. Ascend Labs is able to offer users the same level of scientific strength testing used by some of the most elite organisations in the world to provide accurate and measurable outcomes.

OneBase is an integrated software/IoT platform that develops customised treatment protocols holistically for clients. A complex med tech system, OneBase uses algorithms to recommend treatment protocols for clients based on existing products they already have, and makes recommendations for any future products they may need. Additionally, OneBase will connect users with practitioners to offer more personalised advice.

Paperly is an all-encompassing, cloud based education platform. Paperly’s platform develops functionality, which improves a school’s operational and management capability, and hosts modules built for schools by people who work in schools. Paperly is a single platform that is secure and hosts live data, workflows and integration.

Three Little Pixels
Three Little Pixels is an indie gaming marketplace where members come together to combine experience in broadcasting, content creation, games and esport journalism, and tech support and development.

Below, Plus Eight partners from RAC BetterLabs, Woodside and Capricorn Society share their thoughts on the cohort.

“This year, we’ve had amazing pitches from passionate founders who truly believe their startup will make a difference - It is fantastic to see the variety of startups the Plus Eight program is supporting, from sustainability to injury prevention to gaming.” James Edwards, RAC General Manager of Strategic Innovation shared.

For Woodside Innovation Engagement Manager, Rob Affleck, they look to invest in founders who are coachable, resilient and passionate about what they are building.

“We are open to innovative ideas across the board and this year’s cohort is working in areas Woodside is really passionate about, from health & safety to sustainability to process improvement.” Rob shared.

Kim Radalj and the team at Capricorn Society joined as program partners in 2022, and have been inspired by the passion of each founder in the program so far.

“It has been terrific to be part of the Plus Eight accelerator program for the first time. Hearing the founders share their vision and passion for how their innovation will change the world has been inspiring.”

The Plus Eight Accelerator program has allowed these startups to take hold of a life-changing opportunity, which wouldn’t be possible without the support of our 2022 program partners. To learn more about the Plus Eight Accelerator program, and express your interest in participating as a part of the 2023 cohort, click here.