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Meet the 10 startups driving transformation in Western Sydney through our Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator Program

Jun 7, 2023

We’re excited to introduce the 10 innovative Western Sydney startups taking part in our Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator Program, which kickstarted this month. Having received an overwhelming number of applications from local founders, the select startups will engage in our six-week business development program, based out of the Western Sydney Startup Hub, powered by Spacecubed.

Our WSSH Lead, Zed Klingenberg, will support in facilitation of the program, working alongside a community of successful mentors, investors and advisors to teach the cohort key, foundational skills needed to grow their business.

Get to know our very first, Pre-Accelerator cohort for 2023 below!

CREDuED Australia
CREDuED offers eLearning design solutions, short course and micro-credential solutions and curriculum design review. The CREDuED Learning Lab mixes business with tech, offering a full immersive training experience to clients. With nothing currently like it on the market at the moment, CREDuED staff would create workshop materials based on the needs of clients, and facilitate the immersive workshops and learning experiences, offering the public a more innovative way to engage and learn.

Health 42
Health 42 streamlines the creation and management of support programs, allowing pharmaceutical companies to deliver personalised care at a large scale. With a single platform, Health 42 allows pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage all aspects of patient support, eliminating multiple platforms and vendors.

Trolley Data Management Network
Trolley Data Management Network exists to locate abandoned trolleys in real time for fast and efficient collection. In a now often coinless society, and inspired by the polluted parks and waterways where dumped shopping trolleys are often found, Trolley Data Management Network allows smartphones to unlock trolleys for collection, and offers a range of products including Track and Lock Shopping Carts, Smart Track and sMart Lock.

Play of Life
The Play of Life is a revolutionary and professional self-help digital technology that draws on cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology to assist individuals, couples, and groups in managing their emotions and behaviours in relationships. It has the potential to disrupt various fields such as business management, HR, coaching, counselling, and the rapidly growing self-help market. The technology offers a practical, safe, and easy-to-learn 3D visualisation and simulation process. The technology is currently in an advanced Beta stage and has been used globally in multiple languages across various settings, including corporate, government, family, and individual contexts.

Skillojo and their AI-powered analytics helps both organisations and job seekers make faster recruitment decisions. With recruitment dynamics having changed drastically over the past decade, individuals are now able to apply for jobs at the touch of their fingers, leaving recruiters overwhelmed with thousands of applications to sift through. Skillojo helps both individuals and companies, by eliminating the guesswork when it comes to hiring top talent.

APS Technology
APS Technology generates food grade nitrogen gas from atmospheric air, by gas separation techniques. A steady supply of Dry N2 is critical for the beverage industry for production of beer, wine and coffee, where oxidation must be limited as it can impact the quality and longevity of the finished product. The main purpose of the business is to reduce oxidation, where Nitrogen is used to prevent the contact of ingredients with air.

BuildNetwork connects homeowners, architects, designers, consultants and builders to transform ideas into reality. BuildNetwork provides access to a trusted community of building designers in Australia in order to make sure the homebuilding journey is seamless and hassle-free.

Ask Charlie
Ask Charlie is creating software solutions for hotels, and is delivering a proven system that makes the guest services experience more enjoyable and effective for both the hotel guests and hotel staff.

Imersian is an all-in-one design and shopping solution to help individuals design beautiful and inspiring spaces quickly and easily. As a marketplace and search engine, Imersian aggregates high quality furniture products from across the web, while also offering personalised AI assisted design recommendations for users, using 3D and AR tools.

Elemetric Health
Elemetric Health exists to improve health outcomes, through confidence and consistency in the pharmaceutical industry. Elemetric Health will improve patient support programs through intentional program design, based on scientific, evidence-based models, experience and insights. This business offers value as it tackles the challenges faced by the program sponsor in creating and managing these programs to deliver improved patient outcomes.

The Plus Eight Pre-Accelerator program was made possible thanks to the support of Investment NSW and Spacecubed. To learn more about Plus Eight and the programs we offer, designed to help you accelerate your business’s growth, click here