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Keep your professional development constant at FLUX and Spacecubed

Aug 24, 2018

Socrates once said, ‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’. Whether you’re the most qualified employee, Director, Founder or entrepreneur in the world, there’s always room to learn and improve.

At Spacecubed, it’s one of our missions to provide continued learning opportunities for our members, and as such, we’re noticing an increasing demand in attendance for events aiding professional development.

We’re also seeing an increasing demand for many members of our community to host and run workshops at either FLUX or Spacecubed.

Continuous development is key

Professional development comes in many forms, and our diverse events at Spacecubed benefit a community comprised of professionals from all sectors and industries.

“To gain practical experience, while supplementing it with expert knowledge passed on and shared, workshopped and hacked, is key to success in the everyday hustle and bustle of the professional working world,” said Kali Norman, Spacecubed’s Manager, Memberships and Growth.

Not only is it important that we encourage professional development for our members, but it’s essential that this remains a constant from week to week (see our events calendar here).

Project Management level 1: Core Techniques for Smaller Project

On Tuesday the 22nd November, Spacecubed member Steve Atherton will be holding a Project Management workshop across 2 half days, ending on the 23rd November.

Steve Atherton is a professional instructor with 20 years experience in computer software and teaching programming and soft skills with a focus on Project Management and Leadership.  

Focusing on practical techniques in Project Management, Steve will take you on a journey through the core management of Scope, Time and Cost, including:

  • Overview of Projects and Project Management
  • A simple framework for managing smaller projects
  • Scope Management Overview
  • Clarity of Objectives
  • Identifying Activities
  • Estimating Work and Duration
  • Scheduling Work and creating a Gantt chart
  • Identifying Slack and the Critical Path
  • Working out the Costs
  • Where Microsoft Project fits in

Find out more about, and register your attendance to Steve's workshop here