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Introducing WalkerKam by Elementice

Apr 2, 2019

We're delighted to host two of the co-founders of Elementice, James Presneill and Ben Hegarty, on April 2nd at Riff for the WA launch of their new event-based photography product WalkerKam.

“When I take photos at an event, WalkerKam instantly creates a personal gallery for each guest to access and curate their branded photos - no waiting and no sorting through everybody else's photos to find the right one." says James. Built to integrate with your own camera equipment, WalkerKam is a bolt-on device that instantly delivers professional images to customers and guests in mere seconds via cellular data networks.

After building a fully automated camera system for Australia's largest ski resort, the team at Elementice took the technology they developed and applied it to the events and marketing space. The team at Elementice noticed that businesses put a lot of effort into hosting excellent events for customers and guests, but often the business isn't tagged in selfies and by the time the professional photos are made available, the brand's momentum is long lost.

Co-founder, James Presneill, says "Every selfie is a missed opportunity to activate your brand and strengthen relationships with your customers. With our instant image delivery, customers become brand advocates by sharing and uploading professional images from your event - while it is still happening. It’s exciting, and it’s going to change the way to industry works.”

Ben and James are in Perth, working with Riff member Josh Fernandes, as part of an Australian tour applying WalkerKam technology to a series of events for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). James says he's reaching out to the Spacecubed community to build a network of WalkerKam-enabled photographers all around Australia, so next time he can give the work to local photographers.

Whether you're a gifted photographer looking to be subcontracted to shoot events in your area, an established business who can see the value in instant image delivery and want to be able to utilise this technology for your own work or just curious to see this WalkerKam thing in action, join us at Riff on the 2nd of April anytime from 4pm-5:30pm for a sneak peek into the future of photography.

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